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Gothic Horror Stories

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Gothic Horror Stories Tim was staying at his cousin Steve's house and they got bored of sitting around in the house so they decided to go and walk the dog. "Mum I'm just going out for a walk with Tim, I'll be back soon" said Steve. "Are you sure - it's getting pretty dark outside. Where are you going?" Steve's mum replied. "I'm just going for a walk with Tim to the woods" Steve said impatiently. Tim and Steve were walking through the woods together just talking about the kind of things young people talk about. They were walking along the path and saw a sign that said "please come this way". So they both walked off in the direction that the sign was pointing to. Then they saw a really bright light like the sun glowing in the sky off in the distance so they walked towards it. Steve was a bit worried because he lived in the area and had heard rumours about a haunted house where a mad man walked the corridors. ...read more.


Tim charged at the door - but there was no door anymore! There was no way out for him. The wheels on the wheelchair squeaked, and the little man approached Tim and said, "Hello, my name's Ronnie. And guess what - I'm going to eat you". Tim saw a door on the other side of the room so he slapped Ronnie on the face and ran towards it. He grabbed the handle and threw the door open. As he staggered into the next room he noticed there was a woman dressed up in a nurse's outfit, and she said "How can I help you?" Tim replied "Umm, I'm trying to find my way out of here." The nurse looked strangely at Tim and said "The door's that way". Tim walked over to another door and tried to turn the handle. But the handle wouldn't move. He turned round slowly and looked questioningly at the nurse and she threw her head back and started laughing at him. ...read more.


She then placed Tim on the floor in front of Ronnie and ripped his stomach apart, smearing blood and guts all over Ronnie. As the nurse smeared the blood all over Ronnie's body, Steve and his mum come bursting through the door. Steve's mum looked to the floor and saw that Tim had been ripped to pieces. She thought it was Ronnie because of the blood all over his body, and when he started to wheel his chair towards her she grabbed the first thing that came to hand which was a picture frame and smashed it down on his head. Then she picked up a sliver of broken glass and slashed Ronnie's throat. Ronnie collapsed back in his chair, blood spurting from his neck, and gurgled his last breath. Then Steve heard a noise in the corner, and saw the nurse. Thinking she could help them he walked up to her. When he was within touching distance she grinned at him and said threateningly "It's your turn now, you're going to die boy". ...read more.

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