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Gothic Stories.

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Gothic Stories A gothic story is a story that is set in the late 18th to early 19th century. They were a type of romance that were very popular in those days. They are wild bloody tales with a strong supernatural element. The setting those days were usual in dark mysterious places, such as dungeons, graveyards, castles and big old houses. These reflected a certain macabre context. A gothic story usually had a gloomy eerie atmosphere, with unattractive characters. The gothic genre grew towards the 19th century because people became fascinated with the paranormal. ...read more.


"The Red Room" has a title that greats suspense, because it starts with "The" which means there is only one of them. Then it makes us ask "Why is there a red room?" and "What is in it?" It also makes us ponder "Why is the red room red". This title is good and would probably make me want to read the story. It catches your eye before you even read the first sentence. Another story with a good title is "The Adventure of the Speckled Band". ...read more.


Again it's unique because it starts with "The". It is mysterious because it makes us think of graveyards. It makes us wonder why someone is snatching bodies. And what use would they have for them. This is an excellent title and makes us think a lot, this is good because then we want to read on. To analyze the stories even more I am going to look at the openings of a few of them. "To be taken with a Grain of Salt" Is an effective opening because the writer mentions physiological experiences as though an unbelievable tale of supernatural is about to be told. This builds suspense and makes us want to read even more to find out what this story is. ...read more.

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