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Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Essay How does Dickens create sympathy for Pip in the opening chapter of Great Expectations? Charles Dickens was born during the Victorian times, he wrote 'great expectations' in a weekly instalment, every week he sold one part to maintain the reader's interest, it was the Victorian version of a soap drama. Dickens wanted people to be aware of the huge divide between the classes at the time he was writing. He wanted them to realise how badly poor people were treated at this time, he needed the readers to like Pip in the first chapter of the novel, so that they would continue to read 'great expectations' In this essay I am going to explore the language which Dickens uses to create sympathy for Pip. Dickens makes pips character a poor orphan who is much unloved. We first feel sorry for Pip when we realise that pip has never met his parents before and he does not 't even know what they look ...read more.


I shouldn't be sick, and perhaps I could attend more" this shows that even when he has been threatened to be killed by Magwhich he is still nice to him and even though he is very frightened of him he still doesn't do anything because he is scared of him, the readers feel more sorry for him then because there is no one to help him and he is so young and cant do anything for himself. The word "please" shows that even though he's poor doesn't mean that he's a horrible person. Later on in the chapter, Dickens creates sympathy for Pip when he describes the setting of the churchyard. Its dark with nettles everywhere. "That this bleak place overgrown with nettles was the churchyard" this setting makes Pip feel sad and unhappy because its dark, cold and he's at the churchyard to see his family's graves, all alone, which would also make Pip feel scared. ...read more.


He also says "or I'll have your heart and liver out" even though Magwhich is threatening to kill pip, Pips still nice to him. Then Magwhich gets scared as he finds out that the man with the scars on his face was in the graveyard and told pip to go back home for his own safety, this shows his not actually that horrible because he lets him go home. In conclusion I think that dickens has created Pips character really good because everyone feels sympathy for pip and that makes them like him more, he's made Pip the favourite character because he's made him a poor and underprivileged young boy, with no family. He's also made him innocent and vulnerable so that people would want to keep reading the book to find our more. He shows us how much poor people are treated worse than the rich people are, and that poor people with no nice things, can be a lot nicer than people that are rich and everything they want. ...read more.

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