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Great Expectations Essay

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Great Expectations Essay How does Charles Dickens engender sympathy for his protagonist Pip in this extract from 'Great Expectations'? In this essay on 'Great Expectations', I am going to explore how the experiences of the main character Pip, create sympathy from the reader for him and how Dickens has put this across. Charles Dickens has written a gripping novel, set in his time and he has created sympathy for Pip in many different ways throughout the text. A first example of this is when Pip visits Miss Havisham's house and meets Estella. 'She called me "boy" so often and with a carelessness that was far from complimentary7, this shows that the way Estella spoke to Pip and that, instead of addressing him by his name, she just called him boy as if he was not worthy of his name, and he could sense that she did not really like him because of the way she said this, as indicated in the quote. ...read more.


To this she returned: "Don't be ridiculous boy; I am not going in." And scornfully walked away, and what was worse took the candle with her.' This was very uncomfortable and I was half afraid/ This long quote, from the extract shows a lot, first of all that he was very shy and uncomfortable in everyway at where he was and that he didn't know anyone and he was also afraid. When he entered Miss Havisham's room he was afraid again because of the very strange surroundings he entered into. 'No glimpse of daylight was to be seen in it!' this shows that it was very unusual and he was quite frightened and also when he saw Miss Havisham, 'the strangest lady I have ever seen or shall ever see/ As well as being very strange, Pip also noticed that she was extremely rich, 'some bright jewels sparkled on her neck and her hands, and some other jewels lay sparkling on the table/ Pip was not used to seeing such finery or such unusual surroundings so all of this makes the reader feel very sympathetic towards him. ...read more.


There, there!" "Play, play, play!"' This order seems rather strange for an old woman to have a fancy to see a young boy play but also the repetitive way in which she commands him to '"Play, play, play!"' She says this three times and Pip does not really know what to do so he therefore feels very awkward. After the harsh words from Estella and meeting Miss Havisham, Pip starts to feel the realisation of his low social status.' This boy, why he is a common labouring boy, these words from Estella hurt Pip deeply but he did not show his true emotions until he was alone. 'As I cried, I kicked the wall and took a hard twist at my hair; so bitter where my feelings!' Dickens has displayed this very well as you can also feel a connection with him, because it is written in first person narration I, so you feel like Pip is actually talking to you, and you could imagine if you were in Pip's position you, yourself would feel very frightened and uncomfortable so you end up feeling sorry and sympathetic for him. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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