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Great expectations journal 4

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Devon Fernandes, Level 3A Tuesday, March 30, 2009 Submitted to Mr. Tucker Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Journals #3 Explain, as Magwitch, how you feel about you own impending death. As I consider my short future, the only picture to which I am able to consider is a sullen, quiet, darkness that consumes my mind. They say that there are certain stages to go through before one's own acceptance of certain death, but those have no value to me because I am no longer afraid, I have embraced my future. ...read more.


After a while of pondering over the fate of my sprit on earth I recall the fact that no one will care about my fate. As my time condenses, there are suddenly a variety of different and new ideas entering in my head from every part of my body hoping to experience the new as well as the old. I cherish the experiences that I have shared along side with Pip. He has been extremely loyal to me, but I wonder if my life might have had a different meaning under other circumstances. ...read more.


I look each way spinning myself like a top trying to figure out where these voices originate but I just end up seeing despair at all sides that I turn. All of a sudden the walls start to form vivid pictures of Pip helping me through my journey. I stop revolving and the same picture stays in my head. It is stuck on the walls. I left an imprint on the ceiling. Am I going insane? As I wonder about my own sanity, a swift sea of black consumes my life. Word Count : 409 words ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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