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Great Expectations - short review

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GREAT EXPECTATIONS Great Expectations, a novel written by Charles Dickens is one of high standards and popularity with the public. I have been set an assignment to examine the main character Pip and the environment in which he lives as well as his past and current life. Enable to complete my task, I will only be looking at the first few pages in the novel and examine the setting, some of the characters that we are introduced to, the plot and the language used throughout the novel. In the novel we are introduced to a variety of settings, however the bulk of the story is set in a small village nearby Essex. In a village like this, there will probably not be any rich or important people and the population will mostly consist of farmers. This is mainly because it is a very country like area, surrounded with marshlands and a small, bleak churchyard, where we will first meet Pip. ...read more.


In this part of the story, Pip is still a very young child, probably between eight and ten years of age. I know this, as only a small child would believe the convict's threat of 'I travel with a man who roasts boy hearts and eats them he will find you.' Since Mrs. Joe Gargery brought him up 'by hand', he is very scared of her, but he will rather face his sister than the escaped convict therefore obeys the convict's demand and steel the food and a file. 'I was in terror of my sister who would soon discover that I had stolen her food.' Mrs. Joe Gargery was a tall and thin women with black hair and eyes, who did not poses much beauty and was very proud of the fact that she brought poor old Pip up 'by hand'. ...read more.


'I was in terror of my sister who would soon discover that I had stolen her food.' The next morning, he then steels the food and takes it to the convict, just like he had promised the evening before. When he arrives at the cemetery, he bumps into a second escaped convict how immediately turns and run. After telling the first convict about the second and seeing the look upon his face, he the quickly decides to go home. 'I found him half asleep and thought it was you...I'll smash his face' The language used in this novel, it old Victorian English as this is the time period in which Charles Dickens Lived and wrote all his great novels. It is a very formal English and is never used in every day live any more. This is a great novel, but you can expect that from an amazing author like Charles Dickens and I am glad to have been set a task on a book with such great value and popularity. OLGA VAN RAVESTEYN 10LB ...read more.

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