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Great Expectations. This essay will explore how this novel represents childhood in the Victorian era.

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Great Expectations- Essay- Introduction and Conclusion This essay will explore how this novel represents childhood in Victorian era. Charles dickens Charles John Huffam Dickens was born on 7th of February 1812. He married at the age of 25 and had 10 children. He worked in a factory to help support his family as a child. He wrote over 30 different stories. His pen-name "Boz", was the most popular English novelist of the Victorian era and one of the most popular of all time. He created some of literature's most memorable characters. His novels and short stories have never gone out of print. A concern with what he saw as the pressing need for social reform is a theme that runs throughout his work. Most of his work first appeared in periodicals and magazines in serialised form, a favoured way of publishing fiction at the time. Other writers of the time would complete entire novels before serial publication commenced, but Dickens often wrote his in parts, in the order in which they were meant to appear. The practice lent his stories a particular rhythm, punctuated by one cliffhanger after another to keep the public eager for the next instalment. ...read more.


Thus pip was sent to London to by magwicth because of what he did to him. However he was brought up as a gentleman and later down the line he and Estelle fell in love and magwicth was saved. Although Mrs Haversham died of fire in her ball room. Whereas, pips sister Mrs Joe gargery died of disease that were spreading around at that time. How does Charles dickens represent life for children in the Victorian era in the novel great expectations? Charles dickens represents childhood because he was once a child in the Victorian era and he knows the difficulties of life being a child at that time. Charles has always had the ambition to be a gentlemen and an engineer when he was young but, his desire was to be a writer. Children died at an early age because they there were different diseases spreading around, however the main cause of the illness comes from the way they live, because they cant afford nothing in those days. This evidence is shown in the quotes of the story: " To five little stone lozenges, each about a foot and a half long, which were arranged in a neat row beside their grave, and were sacred to the memory of five little ...read more.


Opening chapters of the story........... Pip was visualizing how mother is and father had looked like before they died, because there weren't photographs in those days for him to see how they looked like. Joes forge is adjoined to pips house, which was a wooden house, because pips home wasn't a proper home to live in, because it's insignificant. Children could only go to school if they were from the upper class. In conclusion, I liked the fact that, even though pip was living in poor conditions, he still made use of his time as a poor person and an orphan. I also liked the fact that even though he loved Estella and she didn't love him he didn't care if she hurt his feelings its just that he thinks that she is very pretty and that she is very insulting. In conclusion, I disliked the fact that his sister was always mean and selfish to him and she treated him very poorly and she also brought him up by hand. I didn't like the facts that miss haversham brought up Estella to hurt every man that loves her. It's very bad to do such a thing, just because the man that was supposed to marry her cancelled the wedding she chose to put it on someone else's life. ?? ?? ?? ?? Folashade Martins 10 Romero. ...read more.

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