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Great Expectations was Charles Dickens 13th novel, which was first published in December 1860 in a weekly newspaper that he worked for.

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Prose Study Great Expectations Great Expectations was Charles Dickens 13th novel, which was first published in December 1860 in a weekly newspaper that he worked for. In that time television was not invented so dickens used full descriptions of the characters so the people reading could imagine the character in their head. Later it was put into a novel and is a quite famous book, which is readied all round the world. The characters that I have chosen to write about are Pip, Miss Havisham and Joe. The reasons the chose of the characters are that each of them have their own personality, which tell you the difference of each of them. The first character I am going to write about is Pip. Pip is a very rounded character as he is the major character. Throughout the book Pip changes a lot, the only thing that doesn't change in him this the love he carries for Estella and the biggest change is when Pip was told of his Great Expectations. ...read more.


The second character I am going to write about in the following is Miss Havisham. Miss Havisham is a rounded character as you gain knowledge of so much about her past life throughout the novel and she is the person who only changes a little. At the beginning she is stubborn who adopted Estella to take revenge on all men including Pip. Although towards the end she become conscious that what happened to her is now occurring to Pip that Estella has broken his heart which make Miss Havisham feel guilty of this act and blames herself. Miss Havisham's physical appearance is looking old, pale and more regularly wearing her old torn wedding dress. Her accent isn't that distinguishing. Her behaviour is the object that never changes in her, she would either be happy than suddenly get angry. Miss Havisham's first key moment was when she asks Pip for forgiveness to all the bad mistakes she has done. Her last key moment is when she sets herself on fire. ...read more.


To tell you the truth, I think he is: though it sounds bold in me to say so, for you must know him far better than I do." His last key moment is when he goes to London to meet Pip to tell him some news he had received. "I write this by request of Mr. Gargery, for to let you know that he is going to London in company with Mr. Wopsle and would be glad if agreeable to be allowed to see you." While visiting giving the news he also tells Pip what he feels about their relation according to status, "You and me is not two figures to be together in London; nor yet anywheres else but what is private, and beknown, and understood. ............................................................but I hope I've beat out something nigh the rights of this at last. And so God bless you, dear old Pip, old chap, God bless you!" This is were you mainly realise that Joe loves Pip no matter who he is and that if Joe was something that would come between Pip's life that he would avoid Pip for his good. ...read more.

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