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Gun Crime

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In what ways do the media glamorize gun crime? The media glamorizes gun crime in many different ways. From violent NWA songs to film posters, we are frequently seeing pictures and films portraying guns as some type of glamorous "tool". The "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" film poster is a good example of gun glamorisation. At first glance, we see 50cents's overly tattooed back, featuring his street name, and turf (south side), and we also notice the contrasting white of his bandana and boxers. This represents purity, cleanliness and decency. Our first impressions of 50cent are those of a powerful and intimidating person, maybe with good intentions or morals. The next thing we see is the gun tucked into his belt. This is telling us that guns are going to play a big part in this movie. It can also suggest that guns bring power, as 50cent is shown as powerful. We then see the baby's head poking over his shoulder. This then tells us that 50cent is a father, and maybe the gun is used to protect his family. ...read more.


The irony is, is that in between fighting for justice you are able to do the exact opposite, like "using" prostitutes, then kill them afterwards to get your "paper" back, or just beating random innocent people for the sake of it. Worst of all, although the person playing the game is fully aware of what they are doing, they don't feel disgusted by it. Being in control of a cool, powerful character, who almost makes shooting people look exiting and fun, manages to make the player feel respectable, and in general, good about themselves. It's undeniably an amazing game, one of the top playstation2 games in the world in fact, and anyone who has played the game will agree that it is great fun. Even though I am convinced I remain un-affected from this deeply disturbing game, I would defiantly agree this is sending out very, very bad and twisted messages about the use of guns - as in the game, scenes of shoot outs manage to look exiting and glamorous instead of looking disturbingly terrible. ...read more.


and his friend end up dead. We are left in no doubt that guns are evil, and that you should never involve yourself with them in any way. Many people feel that children's minds are being poisoned violent computer games, images and films. Personally I feel that there may be a very few out there, mentally weak, mentally disturbed, or with some sort of mental problems might get ideas from some of these images and games, but for the vast majority, I would defiantly say that all these virtual games are doing, is simply broadening children's awareness of their surroundings and improving their reflexes (as this is how it affects me). In most cases, children's views on guns are not something they expect to use in real life. This is because computer games portray guns as unreal and fictional. As for films, we all know they are good fun - mixtures of fiction and reality which broaden our minds. And hey, after all, these games and films do come with an appropriate age limit. We all need some fantasy in our lives, even if it is the violent type. ...read more.

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