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Hacker Script Commentary

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The title of my script is "Hacker: The Life Of Crime", It's in the genre of crime; this is due to the fact that the whole script is based on the life of a hacker, and his story throughout a part of his life. The medium intended for my script is film, as the film itself is based around a criminal world, and the rarely seen computer crime scene. The selected target audience for "Hacker: The Life Of Crime" is mid teens to mid twenties, as this is technological generation of people in our current society. I decided to write this script for this particular genre because criminology is always something that has personally, fascinated me, and always raised questions, and excited me. ...read more.


Some scenes have also been exaggerated to increase effect of the final output and intended media, Film. From the way the characters act and how each one speaks, based upon his real life being, it may hint to the audience that both JD and James have underlying secrets, and as James does have AS, it may broaden the minds of the audience members that have no knowledge of AS traits or even the syndrome itself. From this extract of my script, the audience imply for themselves that James, irrespective of the fact that he has AS or not, that he's arrogant and quite big headed, and also quite a big flirt when it comes to the women in his life. ...read more.


Before the changes were made the script was quite vague and missed out a lot of semantic fields; making the script seem somewhat unrealistic and hard to believe. Upon making these changes the script's realism and believability increased ten-fold so to speak. The genre of crime and criminology was pretty difficult to adapt a script to, as the semantic fields had to be precise, and the characters performing such actions, had to be made to seem as natural and as realistic as possible. Once the research had been done so that it fit the genre, it was just a matter of constructing the script around the genre and not the other way around! ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniel Noel-Davies________________________________________Task: Script Commentary Page 1 ...read more.

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