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Hacker Script

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[Start Scene: School hallway] You see James (in his white tux with his sunglasses on) talking to some HOT girls, he talks and after a couple of seconds they all laugh and you see James grin. The screen turns to the right and you see JD sitting in a chair. JD: James is not the ordinary computer nerd as you see, he has developed a skill not many people have, social engineering. It allows him to manipulate other people into doing what HE wants, he uses this to flirt with the women in his life.. But when behind his computer, these skills become deadly in a sense, and are used for much more lethal operations... ...read more.


You hear the lock open and see the door open James Sniggers again James: It's the accomplishment. James: After You JD. Both JD & James walk into the building/house JD: Welcome to James' crib JD Smiles They both walk into a room with a sofa at one end, a tv at the other with a desk in the room with a computer on it, 2 computer monitors. JD sits on the sofa with his feet up and turns on the tv to watch "Jensen" Jesus pulls up a chair at this desk, puts his feet on the desk, lays the keyboard on his lap Jesus runs the voice recognition program to log onto the machine James: My Name Is Jesus, I am a Hacker, My Voice is my passport, Verify me! ...read more.


JD laughs at the TV (watching Jensen) JD: Damn, Gotta Love Jensen James: Fancy Going shopping? JD looks over at Jesus James picks up the 5 cards fanned out in his hand and grins JD Smiles JD: Sure! JD turns the TV off via the remote, throws the remote softly on the sofa and jumps off of the sofa as if reborn. James: I'm buying JD: Surprising They Both Laugh James is behind JD, James gets his keys and closes the door. You see JD and James walking thru the streets, James talking to girls, flirting while JD is listening to music on his iPhone. Voice over of JD: So, now you know who we are, it's time to see what we do. JD: Dude, follow me for a sec James: Sure Both JD and James walk into the ally. ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniel Noel-Davies___________________________________________________Task: Script Page 1 ...read more.

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