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Harry and the monkey's paw

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David Pickford 11 CJ Harry and the monkey's paw The Three things that make a good ghost story are mystery, death and fear. of the unknown because if the story had the ghost at the start then not again then it would be a boring. Secondly we are fantasised by death because if there were now death then the story would be plain and simple. Thirdly we are attracted by fear and gory stories if there was no gory bits then no one reed it. We are also fantasised by the phrase "it could be you." This sets the mood for the story. The two stories that we are comparing are Harry, which was written in 1990's wrote by rosemary Timperly Harry is about a young lonely girl who used to be in a family of four. ...read more.


Ignoring that they wish for two hundred pounds their son gets mangled in a machine and gets killed, as compensation they get two hundred pounds this is a sign of the curse The monkey's paw is typical ghost stories because it is set on dark gloomy night in the middle of no were "it was a character is Harry the ghost he has red hair and is Christine's sister dark gloomy wet night." In Harry the main characters are Christine she is five years old and has an old imaginary companion. Another character is the old lady she lives in an old derelict house was Harry died eyewitness to Harry's death. ...read more.


Timperly also uses symbolic colours also to create suspense. "Red hair." The repetition of the start and the finish "such ordinary things make me afraid. Sunshine. Sharp shadows on grass. White roses Children with red hair. And the name Harry. Such an ordinary name." The way Timperly refers to heat and sunshine makes the story more untypical ghost story "light into darkness." Timperly makes the story untypical by the way she doesn't make the story set in a typical way "it was a hot, beautiful day." The monkey's paw is a typical ghost story by the way he uses old-fashioned words and very detailed descriptions e.g. he herd the creaking of the bolt as it came slowly back." I think that Harry is the most affective story because it has quite a few twists and it is untypical ghost story because it is set on a hot summers day. ...read more.

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