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Hated for nothing!

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Hated for nothing! There was a day when he was happy, he didn't worry about anything, didn't need to, it all started from about year 2 in school, and never stopped. He was an outsider, he knew this. He always would be. He was an easy target, never learned how to stand up for myself. He would sit in a corner of school and cry, while they walked around calling him names. I tried not to let it bother him, but it did... it really did. People he didn't even know, in older years used to do it, shout across the playground, push him over, throw basketballs at his head during P.E, swing crickets bats at him. There seemed to be nothing he could do to stop it. ...read more.


He left primary school with few friends, and went into secondary school, hoping to have a new start, hoping that things might be different. His granddad died shortly after, this hit him pretty hard. he went in to secondary school, got a group of friends, thought he was doing ok, then everything started again. Calling him names, push him around. But he would rather be there than at home. When his parents were actually in and not working, his mum started telling him that she hates him, really hates him. She kept looking for ways to kick him out of the house, to get rid of him, he had no one in the world left to talk to, and there was nothing he could do. ...read more.


And there was no way out, nothing he could do to make things better. He was being bullied everywhere he went. He tried going out walking by himself to try to clear his head, this just resulted in him getting beat up. He would sit in his room for hours a night and cry. He started self-harming, then he got a few close friends, started smiling again, he was happy. He stopped self-harming. Then his best friend tried to kill herself, she went into hospital, then got taught at home, and he never saw her again. He started getting depressed again, his best friend had left him, alone again. His parents were still telling him that they hated him, shouting at him, mum hitting him, brother hitting him. He started self-harming. Shortly after his 16th birthday he died and lost his fight with his worthless and cruel life which gave him nothing except pain and hatred. By Maher Ahmed ...read more.

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