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Haunted house.

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Haunted House "Here, dark shadows lurk in the air like fog spreading on the walls. Shadows so deathly roam, they kill flowers with a gentle touch. But the worst, whispers of long-dead children echo alongside the sound their, depressed laughs which are now groans." ******* Midnight. Dave thought to himself, as he staggered down the empty road. He was drunk, nothing else to say. A clumsy mess in the middle of the road. He sighed "let's just go home then" he said pointing in the wrong direction. ...read more.


So..." He saw it and started running. He turned down a path. The silhouette appeared again, this time close to him, but despite how close it was, it was still 2D and hovering. Dave could just work out that it was, it was a child. It chuckled and shot off into the distance. He followed it in to a bungalow. It was old, wooden and recently abandoned. It was just one room basically, with just a fire place and a shelf with just five books on. ...read more.


It was an like an underground mansion. Glancing around nervously, he saw solemn portraits staring at him from behind layers of dust and cobwebs. Being underground it dark, just a lit fireplace gave light which was casting eerie shadows on the walls. As Dave walked forward, he couldn't help but feel that someone was following him. Whirling around and uncertainly saying "hello", he saw nothing but the empty room and the faces in the portraits staring at you. 'Turn back' they seem to say, but he swallowed a nervous gulp and continued deeper into the dark house... ...read more.

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