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Haunted Mansion

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The Abandoned Mansion After my high school graduation, I went on a road trip with my group of friends. As we passed by what seemed to be a beautiful but mysterious mansion, one of my friend said "Hey, I dared someone to go in there by themselves!" I was often called the "chicken" one in the group, so then I decided to give it a try. Proving to all my friends that I'm capable of taking risks and being brave, I yelled out "Hey Christina, stop the car!" As the car suddenly stops, my heart started pounding faster as I looked passed the abandoned mansion. The night was dark and there was only one street light close by, enough to see a huge ancient mansion. ...read more.


I walked over a carved stone, using my cell phone light, I scanned the words slowly and frightened. "A massacred of the Walker family on a single night, Mr. Walker, Mrs. Walker, a pair of twins, and an infant boy." From that moment, my heart almost dropped out of my body but my pride was placed above my fear. I told myself "I could not go back until I enter that mansion". Holding on to myself, I made my way through the corridors full of cobwebs and dust. Everything was looks so creepy like a real scary movie and I was the poor main character. Although the mansion was sturdy, there will always be a creaking sound whenever I land a step on the tiles. ...read more.


There was laughter. Not the usual happy one, but one which carried eeriness in it. Following the sound, I raised my head for the attic. Their identical and dreadful faces appeared in my head as I continued to run. Another sound of a knife brushing against the tiles and red drops rained through a huge crack on the ceilings. I slipped over a pool of blood belonged next to a paled woman. I forced myself up ignoring my aching body. Suddenly, a cold hand from the woman reached out and grabbed my foot. I screamed and pulled my foot away and quickly ran. Finally, I saw the mansion gate ahead but I was too exhausted, frightened and yet I could hear the sound of the grand piano not too far from me. A melody duet played by the images of the twins along with rest of the Walker family. I fainted. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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