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Hemingways The Killers, Published in the collection Men without Women in 1927.

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Hemingway's "The Killers" Published in the collection "Men without Women" in 1927 The Evidence of professionalism on the part of the two killers, Al and Max, is that they both wear a kind of uniform. They wear overcoats that are too tight for them, gloves to, prevent finger prints, and Derby hats. This might be for intimidation, to suggest they are gangsters or something similar, or it could be so that they are not so easily identified by people describing them to the police. They secure the diner before they start the intimidation. They also act professionally when dealing with the hostages, George, Nick and Sam, by confusing them. The two killers had done their homework as they knew that if Andreson was coming he would come at 6:00. When Max is talking to George he looks in the mirror and not directly at him. They confuse George by ordering food that's not available and not listening to George when he's telling them what they can have. They then confuse him by forgetting what they ordered. They also tease George and Nick by calling them "bright boy" and suggesting that they are homosexual to make them fell small and insignificant. They say things like "go around the other side of the counter with your boyfriend" and "you'd make some girl a nice wife, bright boy." ...read more.


This could be because being homosexual is an insult to some men because of the idea of being feminine which is not something men like to be seen as being. It also might be because this story is set in the 1920's when homosexuality wasn't as common as it is now and wasn't openly declared, so it was more of an insult. Hemmingway's use of homosexuality also leaves you wondering the sexual preferences of Max and Al. They both use homosexuality as an insult which could mean that they are trying to hide that they are homosexual themselves. In this story Hemingway uses the word nigger to describe the character of Sam. But this does not mean that Hemingway is racist; it is just the way that people would have reacted toward someone of that colour in that particular era. The way that Al and Max react toward Sam is more racist than George's use of the word nigger to describe Sam. They say "what would we want with a nigger?" to mean that he is so irrelevant that they don't even want anything to do with him. George tries to protect Sam in a way by saying "Where do you think you are?" and "What are you going to do to him?" The character of Sam is very nervous and I think he just wants to be left alone. ...read more.


When Nick goes to see Ole, Ole says "I'm through with all that running around." This could mean that this has happened before. These questions are never really answered so it is left to the reader what happens next. Another question might be who wanted Ole dead and sent "friends" to kill him. As this story involves gangsters it could be that the person who wanted Ole dead was some kind of gangster boss but that question is never answered and leaves you to speculate the answer. This is a violent story because of the way Al and Max treat George, Nick and Sam. Although they are not physically violent but there are many examples of them being emotionally abusive. And there is a threat of violence through the whole story. They abuse George and Nick's sexuality and make racist comments about Sam. It is also violent in the sense of what Al and Max were planning to do to Ole Andreson. The ending of the story is very effective because it leaves you on a kind of cliff hanger. No one knows what happens to Ole and the question about why they wanted him dead is left unanswered. Also when Nick says "I'm going to get out of this town" it leaves you wondering about all the characters and what happen next. It also leaves you wondering what kind of town Summit is and if this happens often. It is left up to the reader to think about what will happen next. ...read more.

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