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Her father says that the malls are all going to be closed, and not to worry. He tells her that there are far more important things happening right now. How can she not worry? She was supposed to meet her new boyfriend on Saturday.

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Star When the last day of the school week came to an end, Shauna was ashamed of herself for weeping bitterly in her bedroom for whole day. She lay in bed with the blankets pulled up to nose, crying, refusing to answer the door when the maid, her brother, her sister until her parents begged her to come out. After twenty-four hours, her father took the door off its hinges and dragged her down the stairs into her sunken living room with the white carpet and leather couches. Her kicked and screamed until he had to pick her up and carry her over his shoulder. She told him she hated him and threatened to take back the watch she had purchased for him last Christmas. ...read more.


How can she say that? She will always go out no matter what, and there will always be television. She tells her parents they're idiots, and that this will all blow over in a few days. Her mother holds up the newspapers one at a time. She feels sick, she's dizzy. Shauna wants to know what she did to deserve this, and how anyone could possibly do such a thing before she had a chance to accomplish the things that meant so much to her. Two hours later, her mother and father are discussing her punishment. Her father is worried about Shauna breaking out of the house. She sits in the living room wondering why her parents grounded her for something so small, and if her friends where ever going to call her She thinks that hitting her neighbours window wasn't so much of a big deal. ...read more.


She tells him to shut up, and that he can afford thousands of batteries. In the morning you father tells her to stay and baby sit her neighbour's baby. She shrugged and ran upstairs and sits looking outside her window. The world looks dull and boring. Her father shouts and shouts at her to drag herself downstairs. In the afternoon Shauna still hasn't got a call from her boyfriend or her friends, she starts crying. Hazel, her sister, comes in and instead of laughing at her as she always does; she comforts her and tells her everything is going to be all right. Hazel also says to her "Tomorrow you'll wake up and things will be better. Tomorrow you'll be as charming as ever. Tomorrow your boyfriend will apologize for not calling. Tomorrow you'll still be a star." ?? ?? ?? ?? Nigel Sibanda ...read more.

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