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High School & Sleep

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High school does not start at a reasonable time. High school is asking adolescents to wake up at an early time when their circadian rhythm tells them to wake up later. High school students do not get the required amount of sleep they are supposed to. Sleep deprivation affects the immune system. A lack of sleep affects moods. Not enough sleep affects abilities, such as listening, concentrating, learning, and problem-solving abilities, therefore affects grades. Sleep deprivation can also kill you. Children and adults have a different circadian rhythm compared to that of an adolescent. The circadian rhythm is our internal clock which tells us when to wake up and when to fall asleep. Child and adult circadian rhythms make them tired at an earlier time and wake up at an earlier time. ...read more.


However, when it was changed to 8:40 in the morning instead, grades got better, less tardiness, less absent students, less sleeping in class, the students also participated more. That means because the students got more sleep, their school performance got better. A medic says that, "a lack of sleep can affect listening, concentration, learning, and problem solving abilities." That means because they did not get enough sleep, it messed up their learning abilities required in school to learn. Lack of sleep affects the immune system. Many studies have shown that T-cells (which fight off infections) go down if we are sleep deprived. That means we are more likely to get colds and the flu. ...read more.


Most people think that drowsiness is the first step to falling asleep, when in reality, it is the last. Many people driving feel drowsy and because they do not realize what it means, it ends up leading to car accidents and sometimes death. In Lexington, Kentucky, when school officials decided to push back the starting time of middle school and high school by an hour, two things happened: the students reported getting more sleep, and traffic accidents involving teenagers went down. That means because the students got more sleep, they got into less driving accidents because they were not feeling tired or drowsy. Serious issues occur when adolescents are not getting enough sleep. Issues include many things, ranging from emotions to grades, to the immune system and a simple cold to car accidents and deaths. This is why I think that the time high school starts is unreasonable. ...read more.

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