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Homes - creative writitng.

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Home It's not fair. Every kid seems to have a home. Every kid except me that is. Thrown out of our council flat after Mum died, we've been living on the streets ever since. I had never imagined my life like this, and was sure I would be dead by now when we first started 'roughing it'. I would be if it hadn't have been for Evan. Evan is my 19 year-old brother, and a great one at that! He's been like a father to me. My real dad left my mom when I was just two weeks old, so Evan had to help Mum to bring me up. I've never actually met my real dad since he left. He's probably living a high-quality life, doing what he wants, when he wants. ...read more.


We don't choose to live our lives life this, but that's how ordinary, middle-class and upwards people perceive us. Just a bunch of junkies who will happily eat out of a bin, hound people for money, and have a serious attitude problem. I would love to be able to prove them wrong, but who wants to listen? The answer is no one. Or at least, that's how I feel. One valuable thing that I have learnt from living on the streets for three years is not to take things for granted. Being homeless has made me realize how fortunate others are. They have all their luxury goods, like designer clothes, a swanky penthouse apartment, top quality furniture, and gourmet meals to eat. How I would love to live a life like that! ...read more.


I have learned to live my life to the full, and I am truly thankful to my brother who has brought me up, cared for me, made sure I have always had enough to eat - even if it means that he goes hungry for a day or two. I owe everything to Evan. There is one thing that I would like everyone who is living a better life than me to know, and that is that not all homeless people are what people portray us to be. In our case, Evan and I have tried to help ourselves - we've been round most child support agencies, but no one is interested. How are we supposed to live a better life when no one wants to know? I'd love to have a proper home, but until we can find a way in which we can get back on our feet, my home is on the streets. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nadine Cowan 10/25/2007 ...read more.

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