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Hong Kong- City of Dreams

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Hong Kong- City of Dreams Have you ever wanted to travel to Hong Kong? Or to experience and merge in with other cultures? Although Hong Kong is a city that covers less than 1% of the world map, it's a well- known international finance centre and a fabulous tourist attraction. It is famous for its prosperity; its high standards of living; its bustling atmosphere, and so much more. For many foreigners, Hong Kong is definitely a city that they will be longing to visit. There are many upsides of Hong Kong, which explains its high popularity. Although there may be insufficiencies, I personally reckon that the advantages of Hong Kong excess the disadvantages, and therefore Hong Kong is considered as the city of dreams. Hong Kong is a cultural melting pot, where everyone mixes and blends in with each other through peacefully and happily, through communicating and making friends with people of different cultural backgrounds to yours. ...read more.


Tram is an example, which suggests that local Hong Kong people are persisted in traditionalism. Although Hong Kong transportations are beneficial to us due to their high speed with relatively low prices, it is presumable that people might rely too much upon these transportations. They will eventually become lazy and refuse to walk and exercise, resulting in an unhealthy population. Also, too much public transports will cause congestions everywhere, and the efficiency of these transportations will fall once again, bringing inconvenience for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Waste gases from vehicles may pollute the air, causing health damage to the Hong Kong population, and also promotes the speed of global warming. Furthermore, with a fairly steady climate, Hong Kong is always warm, never too hot; and never too cold. It is definitely the ideal climate that most people are demanding for. There is no trace of disasters caused by extreme temperature difference, such as drought, and snow damages. ...read more.


However this may be argued that these developments can cause a very important issue- pollution. Land is scarce in Hong Kong, and deforestation must take place in order to gain more land. This can destroy the natural environment of Hong Kong, reducing greeneries. Also, in these tall, well-designed commercial buildings, a large amount of electricity supply is needed to ensure electronics such as lights and air conditioners are functioning properly. This may also cause pollution since it likely for waste gases to be released during the generation of electricity. So next time when you decide to go on a vacation, you'll know that Hong Kong is the best choice for you. It's has a collection of multi- cultural food, places of attraction, and a friendly atmosphere. Although issues such as crowdedness and pollution may exist, they won't have a large impact on your journey. Without a doubt you will enjoy the trip, make some joyful memories and maybe even discover more attractive features of Hong Kong! ...read more.

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