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Hopes and dreams help people to escape the harsh realities of their ordinary lives. To what extent is this statement true in 'Of mice and men'?

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GCSE ENGLISH COURSEWORK: DIVERSE CULTURES Hopes and dreams help people to escape the harsh realities of their ordinary lives. To what extent is this statement true in 'Of mice and men'? 'Of Mice and Men' is a novel written in the year 1937 when the whole of America was suffering from the great depression and the poor economy. In such conditions, it is natural that the economic conditions of the country were not very good which would have directly affected the American population such as the lower-middle class. This is what Steinbeck tries to portray in 'Of Mice and Men' that although the life was difficult for the poor people in America they had hopes and dreams and to fulfil that they used to work hard. Some such examples are of George, Lennie, Slim and Crooks. From the first chapter itself, Steinbeck describes George and Lennie's dream. George dreams of owning his own farm so that he could be a boss of his own but because of financial reasons he is unable to and his dream remains a dream not coming true. ...read more.


Jus' a dead mouse, George. I didn't kill it. Honest! I found it. I found it dead.' Lennie is the most innocent character in the novel because when George says that they will have a farm of their own, he believes that it would come true and takes it from his heart. That is why, he always gets excited whenever George talks about their future being bright, 'I forget some a' the things. Tell about how it's gonna be.' Curley's wife has a completely different dream than that of George and Lennie. Steinbeck uses her character to show that women in those days were not given a lot of freedom from their husbands and were only meant to take care of their homes and families. Although, she goes around the ranch and flirts with all the workers despite Curley warning her, 'bye, boys,' this is when she comes to the bunkhouse searching for Curley. In chapter five, when Lennie is sitting on his own in the bunkhouse, Curley's wife goes to him and tells him about her wanting to become an actress, 'Coulda been in the movies, an' had nice clothes- all them nice clothes they wear. ...read more.


Right now.' Crooks is a negro and because of that he is given a different room in the ranch. He feels lonely since he has nobody to talk to and is a victim of racism from Curley's wife 'nigger, I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain't funny.' He therefore has two dreams; the first is to fit with all the other ranch workers who all call him a 'nice falla' and the second is to get away from the extreme racism he gets on the ranch and to start a new life. Unfortunately, none of his dreams are fulfilled, just like the other characters. Altogether, hopes and dreams definitely help people to escape from the harsh realities of their ordinary lives. Every character in this novel has some problem or the other such as, the colour of their skin, being less bright and being lonely. After reading this novel, we certainly get a feeling of the difficult lives that were lived by the poor people of that time. Also, hopes and dreams make people stronger with their lives since they have a motive to live for. ...read more.

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