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How ‘An Inspector Calls’ invites us to apportion blame for the death oF Eva Smith.

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How 'An Inspector Calls' Invites Us To Apportion Blame For The Death OF Eva Smith An Inspector Calls was written by J.B Priestley and was first performed in 1946. This was just after World War II. The play is set in spring, 1912. This is the year that the Titanic sunk and 2 years before the start of World War I. This means that the audience watching the play will have a lot more knowledge about these events. This is useful for the playwright because it means he can use dramatic irony to give different effects. The play is set in the dining room of a suburban house. The Birlings are sat at the dining table along with Gerald Croft (Sheila Birling's fianc�). They are celebrating the engagement of Gerald and Sheila. They are interrupted by their maid who tells them there is an inspector at the door. The inspector comes in and questions the family about the death of Eva Smith. The inspector is always ahead of the Birlings with his questions. ...read more.


Priestley brings a lot of important social events into the play such as the sinking of the Titanic and the Second World War. He also uses dramatic irony to make the audience feel cleverer and more knowledgeable than the characters. Like on page 6 when Mr Birling says "I say there isn't a chance of war" and the audience know that 2 years later was the start of World War I. This takes Mr Birling from being the most 'important' or 'knowledgeable' character in the play and makes him seem blind to the obvious. He also develops the characters so that he can get his opinions about society across in the play. He makes the audience think about social events a lot throughout the play but also make the play interesting and exciting. He does this by using twists and climaxes in each act to add another dimension to the play. He does this when we find out about Gerald having an affair with Eva Smith on Pages 34-37 during act 2. The audience thinks that Gerald, not one of the Birlings, has nothing to do with Eva and are therefore very surprised to find out that he had a 6 month affair with her. ...read more.


The many twists and turns in the plot make it difficult to form consistent opinions. The complex plot keeps the audience fully focused as the play unfolds. Part of the enjoyment comes from interpreting all the clues throughout the play. We then find out that all the questioning that the inspector had done wasn't actually by an inspector. They are then left wondering who the 'fake' inspector was. It is more than a coincidence that the 'Inspector' was called Goole. When you think 'goole' you think of ghosts. Ghosts are things that aren't really real just like the inspector wasn't really an inspector. The good thing about 'An Inspector Calls' is that it is still very appropriate to a modern audience because many of the social events and problems from when the period the play was set, are still around about today, such as the threat of war between different countries and religions. It also still applies to a modern audience because J.B Priestley's views on society are still shared by many people today. Steven livesey ...read more.

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