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how are celebrities presented in the media

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How are celebrities presented in the media? The media plays are large roll in how many celebrities live their lives, from what their wearing to which parties they go to, and it's how many journalists and budding photographers make their money. By following, or in many cases, stalking, people that are classed as "famous", whether they have talent or not, if they're a celebrity there will be stories written about them. With so many celebrity magazines, like HEAT on sale, there has to be a story, whether its true or not in many cases doesn't particularly matter. The word "celebrity", once a sought after name to be classed under, has now become more of a collective term, so if you've been on the TV, you're a celebrity, for example Chantelle and Nikki from Channels four's "BIG BROTHER". What are they actually famous for? Where as 10 years ago, if you were famous it was for a reason, most likely a good one, like many sporting athletes such as Dame Kelly Homes or singers such as Charlotte Church. The world in which we live has changed dramatically, and thus having an effect on the way people are portrayed as in the media. Another big problem that has affected celebrities is the rise of drug and alcohol abuse, there will always be some who are drawn into using it, but with these people under such scrutiny from the ...read more.


The title obviously states that Amy's new beginning is a good thing and that is how they want the readers to view the article, so far Amy has been presented as a very positive person, even after her drug abuse, showing that the public and magazines see her as a good and talented individual. Unlike the other article about the singer, the third one is an actually interview with Amy and it shows that mentally, she sounds quite to stable, where in the others it only mentions her image and what she's doing to her body with her drug use. "behind her wit lies a will of steel" the metaphor will of steel, implies that underneath the fragile, confused body is a very strong minded person, comparing her will to steel emphasis's this as steel is exceptionally strong, so this comparison again shows her in a positive light. So overall, Amy Winehouse hasn't had the worst time with the media, in fact the articles usually include praise, as shown. Lucky for her, as many celebrities don't have it this way, Kate moss being one of them. Moss has been in light recently because of her relationship with Pete Doherty but those aren't her only problems. She is being presented as though she is struggling with things, "desperately trying to ditch the fags". ...read more.


the way it uses the word "some" suggests that Keira knightly and other underweight celebrities are in the minority, the rest of then being supposedly "normal". So by suggesting that she is in the minority, it immediately implies that its not right, even if she is just natural very skinny. So the media are presenting her negatively, saying that she is a bad example, as she is underweight. The title also uses the word "skeletal", in my opinion a hyperbole, as this word implies that you can basically see all her bones in her body, which is untrue as the picture shown alongside the article does not confirm this, so the word "skeletal" was undoubtedly added for effect, as it again present Keira in a negative light to the general public. Another magazine of a similar content also implies that she is underweight by showing an enlarged and grainy picture of the celebrity, with the slight hint or her ribcage showing through the skin being the main focus of the article. There is no caption with the A4 sized picture, but because it is grainy and of poor quality it makes the actress look positively ill. So by showing an unflattering picture of Keira, it again shows her as a very negative role model, and implying she has problems with her weight. On the other hand in the same article, she is presented positively and is recognised for her role in The Pirates of the Caribbean. ...read more.

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