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How are Frank's attitudes and values established within Chapter One of 'The Wasp Factory'?

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How are Frank's attitudes and values established within Chapter One of 'The Wasp Factory'? This section of writing is taken from Chapter One which forms the opening of 'The Wasp Factory'. In this first chapter the audience gains an insight into Frank's attitudes and values for the first time. Frank leads a very disturbing life and as this is the first time we meet him it is essential for the audience to gain a basic understanding of the importance Frank places on certain objects as this will be different from the importance that most of the audience would place on them. Once the audience becomes aware of the importance held by certain factors in Frank's life it will enable them to maintain a better understanding of Frank's thoughts and actions throughout the rest of the novel. The primary purpose of the first chapter is to set the scene. Throughout the chapter we are introduced to Frank's house and the island he lives on. It is important that the audience is introduced to these places in the first chapter as this is where most of the novel takes place. The secondary purposes of the first chapter are to characterise and to evoke an atmosphere of mystification. ...read more.


The first person narrative style only allows for Frank's personal viewpoint, biasing the reader's opinion and conditioning them to judge everybody by Frank's standard. By using first person we can gain an understanding of the relationship between Frank and his father we can see the distance. It also enables the narrator to show Franks possessive nature towards the island. Although we start to feel sympathetic for Frank throughout this first chapter we sometimes wonder whether he is really as reliable as he makes out. Frank justifies his killing of animals but presents Eric as a 'loony' as though his attitudes and values are not worthwhile. Frank see's no similarity with himself. Frank has two sides, he is a complex individual on one hand complex, articulate, literary and poetic, on the other hand he is childish, truculent and savage this challenges the reliability of the chapter. Bank uses lots of prolopetic irony. Many things that we ignore when we first read it have different meanings the second time. Frank describes the food that his father is cooking for him as a 'warming mixture' which hints that it contains more than just food. We later find out that Frank's father is putting tablets in his 'soup' to make him more masculine. ...read more.


He establishes his father as manipulative and obsessive. Eric's vocabulary swings throughout the telephone conversation. Eric is portrayed as intelligent but violent and abusive. The vocabulary of the conversation allows Banks to contrast Eric and Frank, showing us two different and at the same time similar characters. His childlike syntax shocks as it details abhorrent acts. We also see this throughout the novel with Frank Banks uses lots of imagery, especially horrific imagery and that of Mother Nature. Nature plays an important part in franks life. We can see this in Bank's lexis choice. Frank uses nature as his tide bearer. He has to complete his duty 'before the sun went down'. He says he knows when the policeman leaves because, 'the birds told me'. This means he must've been in the situation before to understand what the bird mean. Frank is very egotistical. He asserts 'I was too well hidden', the vocabulary shows us that Frank thinks he is better than the policeman. Frank also explains 'I had been wise enough to check the poles...and now I knew my aim was still good' once again he shows his ego. There is also an image of seclusion through the image of the bridge. The image of the sign saying 'Keep Out Private Property' emphasises this seclusion. ...read more.

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