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How are Lenny, and Gulliver presented as outsiders in the two texts?

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Arron Jones 11Wx How are Lenny, and Gulliver presented as outsiders in the two texts? Gulliver's Travels, and Of Mice and Men are two stories with similar problems, but of two completely different circumstances. Gulliver's Travels is about a doctor who goes on a sailing voyage and ends up lost for eight years, in this time he endures unusual and strange experiences and encounters many different civilisations along the way, none of which were familiar, or that he understood. Where as, Of Mice and Men is about two men, one of which is mentally retarded the other is of average ability and knowledge. The story tells us about the problems they incur due to the mentally retarded one, Lennie and his inability to control his strength. Being rather large, and heavy-handed, he gets the two men into a bit of trouble with a couple of accidental deaths along the way. Both stories touch on the requirements for someone to fit in with society, size played a major part in both stories, as this was used to emphasise the difference between the character and their surroundings, whether people or the actual civilisations and the buildings.


shipwreck, once he awoke he noticed he had been captured, the Lilliputians thought that he was holding an army inside of him sent from their enemies who lived on Blefuscu. After explaining himself he was untied and kept as a prisoner inside Lilliput. He was named by the Lilliputians, "Man Mountain". This is used to emphasise his size, as the Lilliputians see his as a giant, and Gulliver sees the Lilliputians to be tiny little people. Communication played a major part in both stories as there was a considerable lack of it, in Lennie's case he didn't really understand anyone or anything, nor did anyone understand him, as all he would do, is whiter on about, "rabbits". Lennie had an incredibly bad memory, so he would never remember anything anyone would tell him, except for the story George would tell him about them living on a ranch with lots of land and rabbits. At the beginning when Lennie and George were on their way to the ranch, George told Lennie that if he got into trouble that he should meet him at the stream in the brush, "Lennie- if you


Instead he would sit stroking his pup, or something soft, or just being a loner. Lennie didn't understand many things that happened on the ranch. This inability or lack of wanting to join in with social events, made Lennie a bit of an outsider from the rest of the workers on the ranch. This wasn't helped by his mental inability, as he had a mental age of a child. Where as Gulliver on the other hand was on outsider but with great intelligence, and intellect. He was an outsider due to his unusual experiences over eight years, and a lack of sane conversations with English people, about things he actually understood, and knew. But once home all he could do was relive the experience over and over in his mind, and tell the tales of where he had been and what an ordeal he had been through. Due to size, language, communications, customs, social conventions, mental inability, and intelligence both Lennie, and Gulliver are classed as outsiders from society.

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