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How are tension and a sense of mystery created in "The Red Room" and "The Monkeys Paw", and how do the stories reflect the concerns of the age in which they were written?

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How are tension and a sense of mystery created in "The Red Room" and "The Monkeys Paw", and how do the stories reflect the concerns of the age in which they were written? Tension and a sense of mystery are introduced in "The Red Room" - written in 1894- and "The monkeys Paw"- written in 1902 - through the gothic genre and conventions in the Victorian era. Both stories are gothic horror in a gothic horror tension and a sense of mystery are used to create suspicions and create dramatic build ups, therefore this essay will analyse how tension and mystery are brought into both stories. Darwin had a big impact on science as he discovered the theory of evolution. The way that religion and science have been perceived in the twentieth century was majorly influenced by the writings of the nineteenth century historians of religion and science. Each story reflects the concern of age in which they was written, in many different ways, such as religion and science which both underwent dramatic changes. The Red Room" and "The monkeys Paw" both have intriguing titles which create suspense and mystery. The connotations of "The Red Room" suggest danger this makes the reader become attached to the mystery of the title. "The Monkeys Paw" gives the readers an unusual and exotic feel about the story. The monkeys paw has a very 'dark and stormy atmosphere and cold weather' this is use of pathetic fallacy which helps the build up a sense of mystery. ...read more.


Once the mother has wished for the return of her dead son the audience feel a sense of mystery within the family and the monkeys paw and relate to a supernatural element which links to the gothic genre and generation of society. In "The Red Room" suspense is created by dialog when the narrator talks to no one in particular, essentially just the ghost. 'My candle was a little tongue of flame in its vastness that failed to pierce the opposite end of the room, and left an ocean of mystery and suggestion beyond its island of light.' This makes the audience feel on edge as the notice that when the narrator is in the red room he is not alone this creates tension and suspense by the use of dialog. The description of the Victorian setting in "The Red Room" creates tension and suspense by the way they are illustrated to the reader. 'The echoes up and down the staircases' Immediately after this quote it gives the reader a sense of fear as to what is in the red room and what is going to happen next a large amount of suspense is built up here. The reader note fast moving action and fear, the writers of the "Monkeys Paw" describe this when there is a knocking on the door t nobody is actually visible there. '-and at the same moment a knock so quite and stealthy as to be securely audible, sounded on the front door.' ...read more.


'There is fear in that room of hers - black fear, and there will be- so long as this house of sin endures.' The gothic genre is really brought out here as the reader still doesn't no what or who blew out the candles and if fear is the main cause or if it is a ghost the ending is mysterious and open. "The Red Room" and "The Monkeys Paw" have many similarities and many differences between them; they both relate to gothic horror and have may conventions that are needed within the genre. The ending of both stories end on a mysterious element as they let the audience end it themselves and wonder if something unknown was involved with the monkeys paw itself or inside the red room. However in the monkeys paw the family is described as youthful and ordinary people that don't believe in superstition or supernatural elements, and can relate to use in everyday lives, the red room has an older generation of characters who live in a different society and believe in a different thing such a religion and science although the narrator goes against these beliefs and represents us today. I personally prefer "The Red Room because the narrator is in contrast to the older generation of the characters and shows the audience how society changes with religion and science to what we believe today. The sentence structure is exciting too and makes the reader want to get involved as the narrator gives the impression that he is fearful of his surroundings and knows he is not alone. ...read more.

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