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How are the characters of Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs presented in Willy Russell(TM)s our day out? How are their teaching styles different?

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How are the characters of Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs presented in Willy Russell's "our day out"? How are their teaching styles different? The play "Our Day Out" is about a progress class in a school, in a very poor situated area of Liverpool. These children are deprived and come from very low income backgrounds. The teaching styles of the two teachers, Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs are different through their ways of discipline and attitude to their students. Mrs Kay is friendly to the pupils; she treats them with respect, is intimate and gives them a lot of attention. She says things like, "I don't know love", unlike Mr Briggs, who shouts "Right, you, what's your name?" This tells us that Mr Briggs is full of discipline whereas Mrs Kay is down to earth and comforts the pupils. On the other hand, Mr Briggs has a very different way of teaching and disciplining the pupils compared to Mrs Kay. Mr Briggs uses older methods of disciplining for example Mr Briggs shouts more than Mrs Kay and intimidates the pupils. ...read more.


But still, Mrs Kay trusts the pupils with everything. She says phrases like "fun, that's the only rule we are going to have today." In contrast to this, Mr Briggs has many rules, but all Mrs Kay believes in is freedom and fun. When students are running about screaming and shouting, she says "it's not chaos, but kids with a bit of space around them, making a bit of noise" Mrs Kay thinks this is normal compared to Mr Briggs, who thinks this is aberrant. Mrs Kay trusted this class to go to the seaside and to the zoo where it turns out the children tried stealing the animals and putting them down there tops to hide them. Before they got on the bus for the trip the bus driver told every one not to drink or eat on the journey so they walk on the bus with drinks and sweets in their pockets. Another example of the pupils blowing there trust with Mrs Kay is when they stop because every one needs to go to the toilet they got to this sweet shop and people steal from there. ...read more.


Mr Briggs becomes annoyed with Mrs Kay because when they stop of to go the toilet Mr Briggs says "you're behaving like a gang of common scruffs." Mrs Kay is a lot more relaxed compared to Mr Briggs. She says "have a cup of tea and let them stretch their legs". Mrs Kay is far too lenient but Mr Briggs actually scares the students, because of his sharp short sentences and the authority he has To conclude, Mr Briggs and Mrs Kay have good and bad elements in their teaching styles. Mr Briggs is too strict and Mrs Kay is too lax. If you were to combine both their skills to form one teacher, that teacher would be almost perfect; she/he would be able to control the pupils and to be caring and compassionate with them. Out of the two teachers I think Mrs Kay is better, because the pupils will actually enjoy working for her and that's important, other wise there is no motivation for them. ...read more.

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