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How do dickens and jacobs use the genre of mystery in the signalman and the monkeys paw?

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HOW DO DICKENS AND JACOBS USE THE GENRE OF MYSTERY IN THE SIGNALMAN AND THE MONKEYS PAW? To answer the question, I believe that the authors of The Signalman and The Monkey's Paw use the genres of mystery very well. I am going to explain why I think that in the following essay. The first idea that I am going to look at is the role of fate. We see this take place in both stories, but in slightly different ways. In The Monkey's Paw, we see fate take on a large role, as the story is about a monkey's paw that has been invested with a lot of evil power because "an old fakir" wanted to teach people not to interfere with fate and its course. ...read more.


In The Monkeys Paw, the paw had been invested with so much power because "it had a spell put on it by an old fakir", as this "holy man" wanted to get a message across to people that they were not to interfere with fate and its course. The Signalman is a story about a man who sees a figure, or a spectre several times, and after the sightings, the next day somebody dies. The suggestion of spectre plays quite a big role in this story, and gives a very effective result. "The left arm is across the face, and the right arm is waved, - violently waved." ...read more.


"The steep cutting nearly over his head" gives me the idea of claustrophobia. The thought of a "foreshortened and shadowed" figure gives me the sense of a figure that is possessed and not as it seems. Most of The Signalman is set at night, which appends to the eerie atmosphere. In addition, I would like to mention the strange coincidences. Jacobs writes in the Monkey's Paw, that Mr White gets �200 compensation for the death of his son. On the other hand, To conclude, I must say that I prefer the way that Jacobs used the genre of mystery in his story, as when I read it, it was a lot more effective. Both stories were equally as mysterious, but Jacobs managed to get his ideas across a lot more effectively to me. Mike Maunder Taylor 5495 Ridgeway ...read more.

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