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How do experiences of Sandra in 'The Darkness Out There' and of the narrator in 'Superman and Paula Browns New Snowsuit' change the way they see the world?

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How do experiences of Sandra in 'The Darkness Out There' and of the narrator in 'Superman and Paula Browns New Snowsuit' change the way they see the world? There are two stories that show people who have learned valuable things through different experiences. Through these different experiences they look at the world in a different perspective, as a result of what they have learned. Sandra's important experience in "The darkness out there" was finding out that everyone isn't, as they seem. She discovers this after visiting Mrs Rutter. Sandra's previous vision of the world was where dreams could easily be enriched and where your looks determine what kind of person you are. Sandra uses this perception by comparing Pat with Mrs Carpenter. "Are people who help others not so nice looking? You didn't get many people like Mrs Carpenter with platinum highlights and spike-heel suede boots." "People at school said this girl some time back who'd been biking along the field path and these two blokes had come out of packers end". A girl from Sandra's school had supposedly been attacked by 'gypsy type men' this influenced her image of the world; she starts to think that these type of men would hide in bushes ready to abuse you. ...read more.


After this experience Sandra is a lot more aware of the real dangers that surround her. Also that not everybody's character isn't based on their looks. "The darkness was out there and it was a part of you and you would never be without it, ever". There are several events the narrator experiences that change the way she looks at the world in "Superman and Paula Brown's new snowsuit". The narrator is also a dreamer. She dreams of space adventures and her hero, superman teaching her how to fly. "These nightly adventures began when superman started invading my dreams and teaching me how to fly". The narrator listens to the radio and builds up her own fantasy in addition. Her own personal hero is her uncle Frank. "At the time uncle Frank was living with us while waiting to be drafted, and I was sure that he bore an extraordinary resemblance to superman incognito". The narrators na�ve beliefs seem to overlook good will over bad and there's someone that will always put things right. "He used to pull the wings from flies and the legs off grasshoppers and keep the broken insects captive in a jar hidden under his bed where he could take them out and watch them struggling". ...read more.


and blame her for their own enjoyment and amusement "The rest of them faced me with a strange joy flickering in the back of their eyes. 'You did it, you pushed her,' they said". She notices that although they know she hasn't done anything wrong they're enjoying watching her suffer, similar to the film about the prisoners. This is another Part of the narrators experience that changes the way she things afterwards is when her Uncle Frank doesn't believe her when he hears about Paula's new snowsuit. Her personal real-life hero (uncle frank) comes upstairs and double checks with the narrator to see whether or not she was lying, " We'll pay for another snowsuit just to make everyone happy, and ten years from now no one will ever know the difference". Her na�ve beliefs have changed and as a result of the events she has been through she stops overlooking good will over bad. "That was the year the war began, and the real world, and the difference". Sandra and the narrator go through similar situations. Both Sandra and the narrator had fantasy images on what the world was like. They both go through dramatic experiences and they both have different points of view about the world when they've lived their experiences. They both have learned valuably from their experiences. ...read more.

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