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How do pride and prejudice affect the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth?

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How do pride and prejudice affect the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth? Jane Austin was born on December 16, 1775 at the parsonage of Steventon, in Hampshire, a village of which her father was rector. She was the youngest of seven children. In 1801, the family moved to Bath, where they lived until 1805 when, upon the death of her father Jane Austen's best-known work, Pride and Prejudice, was written in 1797-98, it was not published until 1813, two years after the publication of Sense and Sensibility. Her three other books belong to a later period - Mansfield Park, Emma and Persuasion being written between 1811 and 1816. Mansfield Park was published in 1814 and Emma in 1816 - during Ms. Austen's lifetime. The book was apparently called First Impression because the appearances of the characters created the plot of the novel. However, because the novel is also concerned with the effects of the character's first impressions, that is their prejudice, Jane found the title Pride and Prejudice more appropriate. In the 18th century when Jane Austin wrote Pride and Prejudice life was very difficult for people in those days as people was only concerned about two things they were wealth and family class. Ladies had lower rights than men's did, and that's why ladies couldn't go to work so therefore they couldn't earn a living by they own. ...read more.


This causes Elizabeth to reflect on her family because she starts to wonder She than talks about Jane's good manners and states how anyone could possible thinks this of them, when Jane has all loveliness and goodness in her. She describes her father she says, " whose respectability Mr Darcy will probably never reach". Elizabeth is beating around the bush, she doesn't want to believe Mr Darcy is in the right to think this way, so she makes many excuses for herself and especially to save her own pride. However there is one thing that Elizabeth her self cannot even make excuses for and that's her mother. It says, "When she thought of her mother her confidence gave away a little". Elizabeth was at first confident that her family was not to blame for Mr Darcy's action but when she thought of her mother she began to think maybe there was a small possibility. She quickly objects to this consideration and blames it on Mr Darcy's pride. Elizabeth knows deep down that her mother is to be blamed on giving the family a bad name but she does not want to lose her own pride, self-esteem and so she rejects the idea by blaming it on Mr Darcy's pride. Elizabeth then concludes that Mr Darcy's pride was the cause of him thinking this way and at no point was her family to be blamed for the unhappiness of Jane. ...read more.


Darcy's interference with Jane also caused Elizabeth to hate him which increased problems between both of them. Elizabeth's prejudice against Darcy had also caused problems because Elizabeth was convinced that Darcy's pride was to be blamed for the cause of Wickhams problems with money. I think Darcy is more to blame because when both of them met at first sight he had insulated Elizabeth and there was no other women sitting and Darcy had refused to dance with her. At this point Elizabeth labelled him rude and too proud. His dealings with her sister were a key factor on the cause of problems because here Darcy had put his prejudice to action and made Elizabeth dislike him even more. I do not think that they relationship is not real, if it is I think it would not work because Elizabeth got insulted by a Mr Darcy. So I do not expect them to marry after she got insulted her and her family. I think that Jane Austin is trying to tell us that relationship can never be destroyed. She is saying that people are not always as they seem and that sometimes people who have very different personalities tend to get along. I agree with this because I think people with similar personalities may not find each other interesting and tend to get bored of each other very quickly. Karan Varma Page 1 English Coursework ...read more.

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