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How Does A Close Shave Appeal to Adults as Much as Children?

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How Does A Close Shave Appeal to Adults as Much as Children? Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave (1995) is an amazingly witty Claymation film; the skilful use of humour, the exceedingly diverse appeal and the quintessential Britishness of the movie make it, in my opinion, the pinnacle of all family films ever created. This movie, notwithstanding its complexity, is a fantastic film for kids. It has the classic large eyes and hands, perfect for helping children understand emotions, ample action to help engage them and easy-to-follow visual humour since everybody is partial to a bit of slapstick. They can identify themselves with the characters, primarily Gromit. His subtle, expressive face, his relied upon intelligence and the way he always seems to get the blame is redolent of how children feel they are occasionally treated. There is a specific layer of meaning which only children understand; they show how a rather complex plot can be so undemanding. ...read more.


The mad inventor theme is used throughout. I find it rather ironic, Wallace is a complete idiot yet he manages to make all these ridiculous, useless creations. He seems to have a desire to rely utterly unnecessarily on them, for instance in the Thunderbirds spoof: his chair lifts up through the ceiling, he slides down some chutes, is furnished with his sponge and bucket and is finally placed on his motorcycle whilst Gromit austerely walks through the door and steps into his sidecar. Personally, I think Wallace is just lethargic. I mean, he even has a boot to start the engine. Gromit, a dog who, paradoxically, is smarter than his human, seems indifferent when Wallace's machines malfunction. Obviously he is so used to it happening he even delays helping him; this gives the impression that the loveable Gromit is the one who always has to save the day and, rather frankly, finds Wallace's antics irksome. We all pity Gromit, trapped with Wallace, but we could never tolerate this magnificent duo breaking up. ...read more.


For instance James Bond when Gromit is plunging down a precipice and his side-car inexplicably transforms into an aeroplane or The Terminator; Arnold Schwarzenegger elucidates that their vehicle "has reached its maximum speed" as a truck approaches from behind whereas the truck closes in on Wallace's motorbike Wallace vociferates "We're going at maximum speed". Furthermore Gromit's porridge-gun lampoons WWII air-battle films as I'm sure they don't utilize porridge as their prime ammunition. A Close Shave is whimsical yet realistic, facetious yet wistful and that is precisely why I love it so much! The way we suspend our disbelief, the way the genres shift and the constant use of cinematic clich�s allows adults too to truly enjoy this film as children do. The minor sub-plots, albeit uninteresting for kids, help the adults feel catered for whilst the children enjoy the bright, visual effects and titter at the slapstick sights. This conscientious balance is precisely what makes this film so brilliant. That, and the fact then Wendolene can't stand cheese- not even wendsleydale. English Coursework Mr. Bishop L6 ...read more.

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