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How does Arthur Miller make act 2 scene 2 dramatically effective

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Catherine's Diary - based on Act 1 scene 1 and 2 of 'A View From The Bridge'. Dear Diary, What a day it's been today! I haven't written in you for some time now, but there was no way I was going to keep all this information to myself. So anyway, to my story. This morning, I was getting ready for a normal day at college, or so I thought. You know, making my hair look long and radiant, just like the women on the billboards you see in the better parts of New York. I was wearing my new red skirt that I bought with the money I saved up from last Christmas. It was expensive, but well worth it. As I headed off to college, I was subjected to the usual wolf whistles by the men working at the construction site near the diner. It's a good thing Eddie doesn't follow me to college every day. I don't know what he would have said to those men but, trust me; it wouldn't have been anything pleasant. The work Mrs Kaminski set could put anyone to sleep. The chirping of the birds outside stole my attention, soon after I was drifting into a day dream, thinking about what my life would be like after college. I've been doing stenography courses in college for a long while now and I've really got the hang of it. ...read more.


She asked me if I had told Eddie about it, then both our faces dropped. A few minutes later Eddie came back, I greeted him with a smile and he replied back with some compliments. It was nice at first, like any compliment would be, but then it became a barrage of complaints of how my skirt was to short for his liking and how I've been walking 'wavy'. It's so frustrating when he says things like this to me. I mean, first he calls me a 'kid' then a few seconds later he says I'm getting to be a big girl now. His job was to protect me and he's done a great job! I love him dearly but he has to let me be my own person. I had to ask Beatrice to tell Eddie about the job, the thought of me asking him and the reaction he would give frightened me, there was no way I was going to upset Eddie, I just couldn't. As she told him the news I studied his facial expression. It was dreadful. A mixture of disappointment and stern anger. From then on it seemed to be no way he would approve and let me take the job I desperately wanted. Even when I told him it was fifty dollars a week, which stunned him, but not enough to take the job. ...read more.


Marco and Rodolfo are here to make money for there family living in back in Sicily. Marco said he only wanted to stay here about four to six years, so he has enough money to go back and support his wife and children, but Rodolfo; he wants to stay here, in America forever, and be an American. That would be incredible. Just imagining having a good looking Italian man walking around my apartment sounds great. I couldn't stop staring at him; there was a huge grin on my face that wouldn't go away, even if I tried. Just as I thought things couldn't get any better, he then sang 'Paper Doll' one of my favourite songs of all time and he sang it with so much passion. It made my heart skip a beat, it was so beautiful, and he sang it just like a professional, maybe even better. But sadly it was interrupted by Eddie's voice. He told him he would gain too much attention in the neighbourhood, which I doubted very much. Looking back at me he then told me to change my high heels, so, like a good Italian American girl I did what I was told. I was so embarrassed and upset I felt like crying but I sucked in my emotions and headed of to the bedroom. In general my day was wonderful getting a job and meeting an amazing new man all I can hope for is if my future could end up as happy as I am today. Catherine xox ?? ?? ?? ?? Sarah Chosen ...read more.

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