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How does Arthur Miller make Act 3 a dramatic scene

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How does Arthur Miller make Act 3 a dramatic Act? In the play Arthur Miller shows us how the time in Salem affected people's thoughts about witchcraft and how the behaviour of certain characters such as Abigail Williams changed the outlook of respectable characters in the play. Arthur Miller wrote the play because of the time in the 1950's in which Joseph McCarthy, a man who led an anti-communist investigation to seek out any communist sympathizers in the USA. People who were suspected of communism were encouraged to own up and identify any other communists as a way of escaping punishment. This is like in the play with those who are suspected of witchcraft are advised to own up therefore facing lesser punishments. Although 'The Crucible' is historically incorrect play because of the characters relationships shown between John Proctor and Abigail Williams. This is because in real life John would be in his sixties and Abigail only 11 or 12. It is extremely unlikely that they would have had a sexual relationship. Therefore the story of John and Abigail in the play was not only wrong but was there to set the root of the problem in Salem. An effective device used to depict the power and bigotry in the town which would tear the community apart. Abigail Williams is a devious character and is clearly pointed out by the audience as the villain in the play. ...read more.


As the trial continues, various characters are brought in to help with the decisions. One of these is Mary Warren. She was with the young girls when they were dancing in the forest and they pretended that people sent their spirits out to them. Mary warren explains that they were only pretending. Mary warren's lines are short which may mean she is shy or under the control of Abigail Williams who seems to be the leader due to her lies and sly control over the situation in Salem. Parris says that they are trying to overthrow the court, which he has expressed many times. The first time was when a list of names was shown to the judge. Parris reads the names and is quite nervous, as he doesn't want to damage his reputation. Parris is a reverend however is a greedy and power-hungry man who only cares about material possessions and not the duties of being a reverend. I believe this to be a dramatic scene from the language used. This is shown when John proctor breaks down and confesses his affair with Abigail Williams. Proctor says 'It is a whore's vengeance'. This means that Abigail is a prostitute and is only saying these things to get back at him for ending the affair. This particular scene is the most dramatic as it shows John Proctor to be a liar. ...read more.


From here we can establish the importance of the scene and it is easy to see how the judges are deceived despite there good and fair reputation. Among the frustration of characters such as Giles Corey and John Proctor who are only there to save their wives we see the continuous revenge scheme of Abigail Williams and how she maintains her act despite knowing the trouble she is in. Overall I believe that times in Salem were ruled by jealously and hatred among characters and that accusations from character such as Abigail Williams led to the death of innocent people just to cover up her own sins. Characters like John Proctor showed great courage despite risking and losing it all to the court, not only that but he stood up for every member of Salem and fought for them. Despite his affair with Abigail Williams, the audience can clearly see the good Christian man that John Proctor is. Abigail Williams is easily seen as wicked but clever girl despite her age. She knows how to get what she wants and doesn't care who she hurts along the way. Her greed for power led to jealously for Elizabeth Proctor as which John Proctor sad she only wants rid of Elizabeth to take her place in his home. Finally I believe this to be the most dramatic act as everyone's characters emerge for the better or worse and the anger and bitterness between characters makes this play a book worth reading. ...read more.

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