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How Does Graham Green use detail to create atmosphere in his short stories?

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How Does Graham Green use detail to create atmosphere in his short stories? Graham Greene uses detail very effectively throughout the story the Basement room. At the start of the story he describes the hall as a "Dark and heavy hall". This immediately creates atmosphere making the hall seem gloomy and it makes you feel emotionally heavy the hall kind of weighs on you. The very start of the story gives you a depressing feeling of the house. Graham Greene uses great detail at the beginning of the story, for example, "the rack of pipes in the smoking room beside the elephant tusks" and "the carved wood tobacco jar". This shows close detail about one of the rooms in the house, probably Phillip's father's room. Also towards the end of the story when Phillip is adventuring by him self in the garden it says "two illuminated eyes peered out at him like an Serbian Wolf". ...read more.


This shows that she pounces on the opportunity like a predator. They both pounce on people making them sharp and bitter nasty women. Mrs Baines is a "sour", "loveless", joyless and generally an evil person. There is a great deal of detail describing Mrs Baines in the Basement room. "Meticulous and loveless" means Mrs Baines does not care about anyone. All she seems to care about is her job and making sure it is done perfectly "I've got too much to do today to trouble about you." This shows she only cares about her work. She is a perfectionist "Mrs Baines Polished". When Mrs Baines is said to be "sour" just shows even more what a cold person she is. This is a contrast to Emmy a Phillip's mother with the sweet pink things associated with them such as "pink hangings" and the "pale perfumes". In the "Blue film" Carter could be associated with Baines from the "Basement room" because Carter had his first love when he was young with a prostitute "it seemed to him that he had betrayed that night the only woman he loved". ...read more.


There was a stale smell in her breath". This is a very detailed description of Mrs Baines and makes her sound like an evil woman with all the Black and the witches. Mrs Baines is also a scary woman to Phillip "Phillip watched her in terror". Also when Mrs Baines is killed she is described as a "black sack of coals" and a "flurry of black clothes". This just adds to her evilness. In "The Blue Film" Mrs Carter is said to be dry "she laid a dry hot hand on his knee". The dryness of Mrs Carter along with her bitterness gives a bad atmosphere with Mrs Carter. Graham Green uses great detail when describing the two wives in the stories and gives them a bad atmosphere from just reading the two stories. The detailed descriptions of characters creates atmosphere throughout the stories and this is particularly effective with Mrs Carter and Mrs Baines. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tom Keeling 1 ...read more.

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