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How Does Hardy Use Language to Create...

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How Does Hardy Use Language to Create... a. A Fairytale-like Atmosphere? The fairytale atmosphere is created in the first stanza of the poem. The settings for a fairytale are usually romantic, with the perfect place, perfect lovers and at a perfect night. The language used in the first stanza gives us an image of this, it starts off talking about the lovers together and looking over a parapet stone, we get a sense of closeness between the two people because of their actions, looking over a balcony at night gives the reader a sense of tranquillity, especially under the "southing moon". ...read more.


Whereas in the third stanza, negative words such as drowned, tired, hopeless and despair sets a dark and gloomy tone. When the reader finishes the poem, he or she feels wistful because the beginning of the poem is so happy and romantic but the ending is very depressing and horrifying. There is a longing for the past, as it was so much happier than the present. c. An Ambiguous Tone Towards Love? In the beginning, we feel that love is a very positive thing, and that it can do many wonders. But that is not the only view on love that Hardy gives us, he shows us that love can make people do extreme things, such as dying for a loved one. ...read more.


It also involves the reader and it appears that they actually saw it happening, although the description is not very in depth, it gets its point across because when you read it, you get the 'machine gun' effect. The girl dehumanised by the vocabulary chosen to describe her, the way her arm upbore and how she was described as a dripping body. Usually the word upbore is used to describe animals or inanimate objects and body is used to describe dead things. In this case, the words dripping body emphasize the fact that she is lifeless. Lastly, the line "So much for love in this mortal sphere!" sounds like whoever is saying it is quite pessimistic toward humans and hates life, it also sounds like that they have given up on anything that has to do with love. ...read more.

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