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How does Miller make the Vinny Bolzano Story a Fascinating Moment to return to at the end of the play?

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´╗┐How Does Miller Make the Vinny Bolzano Story such a Fascinating Moment to return to when you know What Happens Later in the Play? Miller successfully makes the Vinny Bolzano story a fascinating moment to return to by carefully planning the plot of the play. In the beginning, because Eddie told the story of Vinny Bolzano, we believe that no matter how much he hates the cousins, he wouldn?t do anything like Vinny because of his belief in loyalty to family and the community. However, just before he leaves Alfieri?s office, we see the phone-booth gradually light up, symbolizing the triumph of Eddie's desperation over his conscience as he contemplates the idea of snitching to the Immigration Bureau. Earlier in the play, Eddie shows his belief in the unspoken code of honour and Italian ?justice? when he tells Catherine the story of Vinny Bolzano to warn her about snitching on Marco and Rodolfo and the consequences, and is very particular on pointing out how no one should know that they are harbouring illegal immigrants. The story of Vinny is not merely that of a young boy who betrays his own uncle to the authorities. It also goes to show the price he has to pay for that betrayal. ...read more.


If you do anything dishonourable, you lose respect. That is why Marco and Eddie are so keen to protect their names and get a 'just' conclusion. Codes of honour bind families and the whole neighbourhood with a sense of community. Everyone should look out for one another, to betray someone is the most dishonourable action imaginable. At the end of the play, Eddie gets punished for the crime he committed against the community and this is ironic because the Vinny Bolzano story was more about the importance of discreteness and the serious consequences of betrayal than the fact that the boy snitched on his uncle. Eddie talks about justice and punishment in their community and how Vinny deserved his punishment because his crime was so obscene. The idea of justice in the Red Hook community is very different to the American Corporate Federal Law. Within the society there are quite clearly 2 or 3 different types of law: community law, family law and Alfieri`s corporate federal law. Throughout the play it is very clear that the community law is far more important to the characters than the corporate federal law. Perhaps one of the reasons the community distrusts the corporate federal law so much is that it does not appear to be justice. ...read more.


I?ll wait, it only takes a few minutes, I could broil it.? This shows how she and Eddie aren?t happy because usually a wife would obey her husband or be more than happy to serve him, but Beatrice doesn?t jump up to do what Eddie asks. Eddie?s class of people resent immigrants because they take the jobs because they have to repay the syndicate. So maybe Eddie could be anxious that he won?t have as much work because of Marco and Rodolfo. Overall, the extract is a fascinating moment to return to because this is where the first hints are of what will happen later. For example, Catherine says ?You sound like I?m goin? a million miles!? and she means this as a physical distance but by the end of the play she is emotionally detached from him, so she is emotionally a million miles away from Eddie. We also see the first tension between Eddie and Beatrice in this extract, leading to her confrontation of him later when she asks ?When am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie?? and we see how he refuses to face her and their problems. I think Miller planned the plot very carefully and in doing so made this a fascinating moment to return to. By Kati Christova ...read more.

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