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How does Shakespeare achieve drama and tension in Act 3 scene 5 (line 65 " end)? How effective are Baz Luhrman and Franco Zefferelli In interpreting the scene for the cinema?

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How does Shakespeare achieve drama and tension in Act 3 scene 5 (line 65 - end)? How effective are Baz Luhrman and Franco Zefferelli In interpreting the scene for the cinema? The scene is set in Juliet's bedroom where we have two interpretations upon the decoration. Baz Luhrman interprets the room as light with a spacious bed and shelves of dolls, creating her personal space. Franco Zefferelli, on the other hand, creates white walls with religiously related pictures on the walls and flowers. The room is her personal space and should have a slight representation to the person she is. Drama and tension is immediately created as you see the contrast between two moments, the first being love and warmth when Romeo and Juliet spend their only night together. There is then a sudden change to an adult world of arranged marriages, arguing, angry voice tones and dim orchestral music to assist in creating tension. The audience jumps to sympathise with Juliet. Shakespeare achieves drama and tension through the conflict between Juliet and her parents, the first example being conflict within language. ...read more.


Mistress minion, you, thank me no thankings, nor proud me no prouds, but fettle your fine joints 'gainst Thursday next, to go with Paris to St Peters church, or I will drag thee on a hurdle thither. Out, you green-sickness carrion! Out, you baggage!'. He is being so cruel, so much so lady Capulet suggests he has gone too far. He then takes a turn to be sarcastic towards the nurse. He delivers an ultimatum 'marry or be disinherited'. At the time this would have a dramatic impact, as you were suppose to be faithful to your family and obey your father. Tension is maintained after Lord Capulet leaves. Juliet begins appealing, first, to her mother 'delay this marriage for a month, a week', but Lady Capulet refuses to help. So therefore Juliet turns to her nurse asking 'how shall this be prevented?' and suggesting that only by Romeo's death can she sincerely take a vow and marry Paris, but again she is abandoned. This seems worse in the nurse's case because she knows the whole truth. ...read more.


Colours used are fairly plain but the characters clothing has a (rather) modern look. Orchestral music is used to create extra tension. Most camera shots are close face shots and follow shots to help you concentrate upon a single character. From what I have studied nothing important has been left out except not every line is word for word. In my opinion the characters are believable and are easy to differentiate between. I think that this interpretation is extremely faithful to Shakespeare because not only is there a modern feel, the play is much easier to understand for the generations of today, making Shakespeare's work more popular. The second interpretation is by Franco Zefferelli. Again the bedroom setting is seen but in a more plain, old fashioned, religious setting. The lighting is very bright. Their clothes are very plain. Black and white with hair off faces. There is no music but many sounds of crying and crashing about the room. Once again there are close camera shots when talking. The characters are believable. In faithfulness to Shakespeare the film scores highly but misses out a number of lines. My preference is Baz Luhrman as this has helped me to understand the story of Romeo and Juliet much more thoroughly. ...read more.

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