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How does Shakespeare create tension in Act 1 Scene 5

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How does Shakespeare create tension in Act 1 Scene 5 This coursework will concentrate on Act 1:5 of one of Shakespeare's most famous plays 'Romeo and Juliet'. It will go in to detail on how Shakespeare creates interest and tension in the scene. This scene is a vital scene in the play as it is the first time Romeo and Juliet set eyes upon each other. It is also an interesting scene as Romeo, a Montague, goes to a Capulet party. All this helps to keep the audience engaged and curious to know what happens next. There are many clever ways Shakespeare creates tension and all are different to build up interest in different ways All throughout the play and especially in this scene there are links of love and fate, all going back to the premonition and Prologue. This reflects upon the era and the setting of the play keeping in mind all the traditions that used to go on at that time. The following piece of writing will go in to detail to show the understanding of the scene and the effects of the context in the play. ...read more.


When Romeo catches first sight of Juliet he immediately falls in love with her as he describes her as ' a rich jewel in Ethiop's ear', which shows the contrast of her beauty. This creates suspense as the audience start to wonder whether Romeo has forgotten Rosaline or not. At this moment Romeo seems to forget everything and only focuses on Juliet. As soon as Tybalt sees Romeo he is no longer hidden from his identity. This causes tension as this intrigues the audience and they are expecting the worse to happen because they are from rival families. Tybalt has been bought up to hate Montague's and his hate for them is very deep as he says 'as I hate hell, all Montague's and thee,' previously in the play which shows how much he hates Montague's. Therefore Tybalt gets very angry and shows his rage by what he says. He uses the word 'villain' to describe Romeo, where as Romeo hasn't even done anything wrong or caused any harm or trouble. He wants to throw Romeo out as he says 'I'll not endure him'. ...read more.


Dramatic irony causes suspense, as we know that they are from rival families but Romeo and Juliet do not. Later Romeo finds out from the nurse. The nurse plays an important role, as she is the one who reveals the truth about their enmity. At the end Juliet says 'My grave is like to be my wedding-bed'. This takes us back to the premonition where Romeo says 'By some vile forfeit of untimely death' this causes tension, as the audience want to know how they die and who dies first or do they die together. When Romeo and Juliet find out that they are enemies it makes the scene tense as it makes you wonder if they will be able to meet again. Conclusion Overall this scene is very important because it is the first meeting of Romeo and Juliet. Due to all the things that happen in this scene tension is created and builds up to keep the audience engaged. It leaves the audience wondering what will happen next if they will ever meet again and how do they die, as they know that death takes place from the prologue as there love is described as 'Death Marked Love'. We know that time is running out for them. ?? ?? ?? ?? Yusuf Basser 11m ...read more.

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