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How does Shakespeare Express the Themes and Characters on Stage - Romeo and Juliet.

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Imran Quyyum Mrs.Lee English How does Shakespeare Express the Themes and Characters on Stage In this essay i will show how Shakespeare expresses the themes and chracters on stage. Act three scene one is a dramatic turning point of the play. This is where the theme of the feud re-emerges. The theme ois a hot tragedy also emerges. It is a hot afternoon in a public place in Verona. The theme of the feud is represented when Tybalt enters. He is after Romeo, because the night before he gate crashed the party that was being held by the Capulets. Tybalt wanted to kill Romeo the night before at the party, but Juliet's father refused because he didn't want any trouble. Mercutio, the joker that he is, started to tease Tybalt "Here's my fiddlestick." When Romeo enters he is in a very happy mood. Nobody except the audience know that Romeo has just got married to Juliet. This is why Romeo uses language like "The reason that I have to love thee" and "Good Capulet." As Romeo arrives Tybalt urges that Romeo fights with him, Romeo refuses to fight because they are now related because of Romeo and Juliet's secret marriage. ...read more.


The nurse claims the second match excels her first. She then uses a peice of dramatic peice of irony, " Your first is dead." Juliets heart is broken her best friend has betrayed her. Juliet now feels that there is no one she can turn to and she can only trust herself. She is totally isolated in this scene. Shakespeare shows the importance of the feud by showing how it has affected the family. In this scene Shakespeare shows how her father reacts towards Juliet. The way he reacts to her is like she is not part of the Capulet family. He treats her like dirt, like she is a Montague, " Hang, beg, starve, die in the streets." This clearly shows the anger Juliets father has for Juliet. He hates the way that she disobeyed him, and that his only daughter has ignored what he asked her to do. The theme of love is also strong in this scene because when Juliet is told to marry paris she tells her mother that she won't marry Paris and the only person that she will marry is Romeo. Shakespeare shows that love has transformed her life is by showing that in a couple of days she is more independent than the first time we saw her. ...read more.


The key themes in this play are feud, speed, fate, love, tragedy and death. Shakespeare presents these themes in the scenes that I have explored. He shows the theme of speed by the speed of events which are set over only five days. Shakespeare shows fate by giving the impression that Romeo is not in control of his life. He also showed fate by the language that Romeo uses, eg. when he was just about to go to the ball, he felt he was going to die but he accepted his destiny and continued on. Near the end when he finds out Juliet is 'dead', he shouted out "I defy thee stars." This shows that he is now in control of his life. The audience get involved in the play because they know things that the characters on stage don't know about. For example, when Romeo finds out that Juliet is 'dead', he buys some poison and rushes to the tomb. He thinks that she is dead but the audience know the truth. As Romeo is about to take the poison in the tomb, it adds a dramatic effect on the audience. They want Juliet to wake up but when she does, it is too late. The audience have a role in the play because we relate to Romeo and Juliet as the characters develop. ...read more.

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