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How Does Shakespeare Make You Feel Sympathy For Juliet

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How Does Shakespeare Make You Feel Sympathy For Juliet A pair of star crossed lover found love in the most unusual of places. There were both members of two feuding families Romeo the Montague and Juliet the Capulet. These two people should have been worst enemies but instead they were lovers. This play was written by William Shakespeare in around the 16th century. It is a tragedy as both of the main characters die by their own hand at the end of it. Juliet lives with her parents Old Capulet and Lady Capulet, although she is closest to her nurse because she raised her from birth. In the time of Shakespeare's a girl would not get to chose who she wished to marry instead her parents would decide for her even if she did not like the man. In Act 3 Scene 2 Juliet is waiting for Romeo to arrive so they can consummate the marriage to make it legal, she is getting very impatient and she is also very anxious:-"Gallop apace you fiery footed stead" and also she ...read more.


This is very effective you really do feel sorry for Juliet and you hope that she makes the right choice. You shall have to read on. At the beginning of Act 3 Scene 5 Romeo and Juliet have just consummated their marriage but Romeo must leave quickly because Juliet's parents are on their way up the stairs to inform her that she is to be married to Paris. She reacts very badly to her parents demands. Her father threatens her with disownment if she does not agree to be married. Even the only person who she thought she could trust in a situation said that she should get married to Paris, her nurse. At the end of this scene Juliet feel very depressed. The audience notice that things are going from bad to worse for Juliet and the level of sympathy they have for her is increasing. In Act 4 Scene 1 & 3 Juliet has two main speeches, in the first one she says how she would rather commit suicide that to marry Paris:-"O bid me leap, rather than ...read more.


They would feel very sympathetic for Juliet and they would feel very sorry for her, most of them would probably never wish a similar fate as this on anybody. This play is a tragedy because both of the main characters die in each others arms and the fact that there families were at war gives it that extra sense of loss that two people so young would have been affected by this war. I think that this play is still popular today because it strikes a chord with most people, even though the traditions are very out dated. I think the two families are to blame for the deaths because if they were not feuding then none of it would have happened and everything would have been fine and no one would have had to die unnecessarily. I believe that you most feel sympathy for Romeo and Juliet because of all of the heartache that they had to go through to try and make the feud between their families not come between there love for each other. Daniel Gavin 10TM ...read more.

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