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How does Sherriff make Osborne seem like a likeable and engaging character in Journeys End?

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H/WCoursework5/3/14 How does Sherriff make Osborne seem like a likeable and engaging character in ?Journey?s End?? Osborne is a very experienced member of the company who enjoys making his comrades feel content. He is a very avuncular character as he is extremely kind to the less experienced, such as Raleigh. He is also like a confidant to Stanhope, which makes him generous. Sherriff makes him a likeable and charming character because he helps his comrades out by taking their mind off the war and he is slightly bizarre because he likes to read children?s books such as Alice in Wonderland. Osborne is also very affectionate, as he knows how his friends feel living in the war?s dreadful conditions, and wants to comfort them. As the play progresses we see that Osborne becomes ever kinder and more of the characters start to be fond of him, which makes Osborne an even more trustworthy character of the play. Firstly, Osborne is made a very pleasant character by Sherriff due to his loyalty to the leader of the company, Stanhope. This faithfulness makes him very pleasing, as it shows his friends that he will not betray them. ...read more.


Furthermore, Osborne is very affable due to his modesty and does not like to brag about his achievements. This is very inspirational owing to the fact that it shows he does not like to make people feel upset just because he has done something and they have not. Osborne ?played for the English team? but ?was awfully lucky?. Even though Osborne said this, he had to train really hard to get in the team but did not want to boast. The verb ?played? implies that he is old yet very experienced, which shows how much of a great help he is to his company. The adjective ?lucky? also shows that it is really hard to get in a team because of the amount of practise that must of gone in to it. Furthermore, it makes you feel pathos if he would brag about things and make his comrades feel distressed about themselves. Since Sherriff makes Osborne very genial, Osborne is sympathetic and tries to see the best in people. Such actions make him liked because it makes people feel good about themselves and they will be very kind back to him. ...read more.


The word ?fit? emphasises how healthy Osborne believes Stanhope will be, which shows a great sign of friendship. Moreover, Osborne is made delightful when he copes by trying to make the war seem more positive. This makes him look engaging and make his comrades take their mind of the war, which is beneficial for everyone. Osborne thinks that ?there?s something rather romantic about? the war, which is quite peculiar because the war is not amorous and is totally horrific. The adjective ?romantic? portrays what the characters are thinking about the war in a different way in their minds about the war so they don?t recognise the real damage and want to forget about the war and what it has done to their lives. Overall, Sherriff makes Osborne appear like a very likeable and engaging character, as he is very sympathetic, subtle, loyal, kind and caring. Osborne likes to take his comrades? minds of the war to help them concentrate and cope with the warfare. He is also like a father figure to Stanhope, the company commander, and without him Stanhope could go mad which would result in the company failing and that would have an enormous impact on the conflict. EnglishEdward Albazii9K ...read more.

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