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"How does Stephen Daldary present Sheila in his version of an Inspector calls"?

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Inspector calls essay "How does Stephen Daldary present Sheila in his version of an Inspector calls"? Inspector calls, the play was written by J.B. Priestly and is set in the era of 1912 however the play it's self was written in 1945. Sheila is the daughter of the Burling's a high-class family. In this essay I am going to explore how Stephen Duldry presents Shelia and if I think his interpretation of the piece is successful. In act 1 this is when Shelia confesses, Stephen Daldry chooses to present Sheila in various ways for instance when she begins talking her arms are crossed up on her chest this is like she is holding something back, but when Sheila changes and tells the truth her arms open up this shows Sheila as a more giving character who is willing to face and come to terms with the past . At the start of Sheila's Milwards speech she has closed body posture this comes across as Sheila being slightly nervous and the audience can tell that she is holding some thing back by analysing her body posture. ...read more.


The darkness being lies and deceit, and the light would be purity and the truth. In act one Sheila is wearing a white dress, her hair is up and she is also wearing matching white gloves. Stephen Daldry has chosen the colour white because, it is symbolic it represents innocence and purity. In act one we also see Sheila playing with her hands when she is talking this shows her character as being nervous and uncomfortable. During act two Sheila starts to change, her gloves have been removed this shows that Sheila is now willing to accept the past and move on. Sheila is now more open with the inspector, and also believes that the family should stop hiding behind lies. A theme that runs throughout this play would be pride and status; the Burling's seem to believe that the money they have and their status will save them from the truth. ...read more.


Sheila also takes on board the Inspector Goole's criticisms of other members of the burling family. From looking at Sheila we can tell that she will learn from the experience of the Inspector Goole. In my opinion I think that the way Stephen Daldry chose to present his interpretation of inspector calls, worked well I especially liked his idea of when the truth was coming out the house opened up I thought this looked good. I also liked the idea of the "gloves" and how they represented Sheila lying I think that simple ideas like this really work well and help the piece to flow. Sheila is a pretty girl in her early twenties; she can be sarcastic at times and also quiet and serious. When the inspector first comes Sheila is distressed, she comes across as though she's trying to hide something. During the visit of the inspector Goole she starts telling what really happened. Sheila is a strong-minded yet doesn't show it all the time. I think Sheila could teach people about how important it is to stand up for yourself. By Michelle Joseph 11YA ...read more.

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