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How does Text 2 'The Ivory Trail' relate to the idea of journeys. In your answer deconstruct the visual and written texts involved.

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Amanda Atlee The Ivory Trail How does Text 2 'The Ivory Trail' relate to the idea of journeys. In your answer deconstruct the visual and written texts involved. 'The Ivory Trail' appears to relate to the idea of 'journeys' on both a literal and metaphoric level. This book cover allows the viewer a brief preview of the novel. Techniques such as text, images, colour, focus and composition in frame convey the general meaning of the novel to the responder. This novel appears to be about a physical journey down 'The Ivory Trail' where the protagonist overcomes mental and physical obstacles to obtain an understanding of unknown mysterious and understanding within himself. There are three examples of text on this cover, the authors name, the title and a phrase "Not all journeys have an ending", which may suggest the overall theme of the novel. ...read more.


It acts as a 'teaser', inciting the viewer to read the novel. The dominant images in this text are the sphinx, an Egyptian pyramid, an exotic background of eastern tableaux and an extreme close up of an adolescent boy. The first image we notice is the pyramid and sphinx because of its central location and brightness in comparison to the rest of the picture. The luminosity of these historical structures suggests power and mystery. The book cover appears to be set in a modern era but the pictures of the sphinx and pyramid imply that perhaps although contemporary this novel has ancient connections. These images support the already assumed location of the story, Egypt, Africa and also suggest mystery and a journey into the unknown. The Islamic architecture also supports the idea of a physical journey, perhaps over continents. ...read more.


The lengthening shadows present on the sands imply danger, shifting and uncertainty. The seemingly moving sands could symbolise time and shifting, perhaps the protagonist's ability to travel through time, or that the main character would not know what to expect on his journey of the ivory trail. The protagonist is in two very different worlds, it's not just the experiences but the understanding of new cultures and beliefs that lead to maturity. The composition of the frame of the poster not only implies that there will be cultural growth experienced by the adolescent boy but also that there are barriers and obstacles to conquer and this leads to the basis of maturity. This book cover symbolises that the concept of a journey may be incorporated in the novel, "The Ivory Trail". This journey seems both physical and mental and could perhaps involve danger and mystery. The book cover conveys these ideas through the use of techniques including text, images, colour, focus and composition. ...read more.

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