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How does the supernatural influence the character of Macbeth during the course of the play?

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Name: Sean Lester Assignment: How does the supernatural influence the character of Macbeth during the course of the play? Prepare of task: To analyze how the language of the supernatural influences the character of mcbeth in the play The play "Macbeth" is one of the many successful plays written by the one and only Shakespeare. His play Mcbeth is famous on the theme of Tragedy and supernatural. Macbeth, a tragedy in five acts written by Shakespeare, is based on episodes in the life of Macbeth. Possibly performed as early as 1606, the play was first printed in the edition of Shakespeare's works that was published in 1623 and is known as the first folio. Returning from battle, Macbeth and Banquo meet three witches who tells them their future. The first part of the prophecy comes true: Macbeth is made Thane of Cawder by King Duncan. Emboldened by lady Macbeth, the new thane takes the second part of the prophesy in his own hands, murdering Duncan ( who is staying in the home of Macbeth in Dunsinane) and crowning himself king of Scotland. Remembering that the witches also predicted that Banquo would be the father of kings, though never one himself, Macbeth orders him and his son Fleance killed. Banquo is slain but Fleance survives. Haunted by Banquo 's ghost, he returns to the witches. They warned him of Macduff, but also told him that no man born of woman shall kill him and he cannot be defeated until Birnam Wood would come to Dunsinane. Hearing that Duncan's son, Malcolm, has joined forces with Macduff, Macbeth slaughtered Macduff's wife and children. Lady Macbeth goes mad with guilt and dies. Meanwhile Macbeth's enemies close in on him in Dunsinane. Covered with branches from Birnam Wood. Macbeth is slain by Macduff, who reveals he was not born naturally but "from his mother's womb untimely ripped". Malcolm is declared king. ...read more.


This quote comes from lady Macbeth when she tests her husband's courage as a man. "What beast wasn't then that made you break this enterprise to me? When.........and dash the brains out, had I so sworn as you have done to this." This quote comes lady Macbeth when she tells her husband that she will kill her only baby to have the deed done. Although lady Macbeth has said this, her husband is still uncertain whether they will succeed. The battle between good and evil is tremendous because for Macbeth, its hard because he will be killing a very good friend of his in his own home. The doubt is still there in his mind "If we should fail?" While for lady Macbeth, she wants to become queen. Here she's trying her best to convince her husband and won't stop harassing him till it is done. She is very persistent in having the deed to be done. "We fail? But screw your courage to the sticking place, and we'll not fail. When Duncan is asleep..." Here, she finally convinces him to do the deed. Al though the battle between good and evil has been a harsh one, it seems now that evil has won this round or did it? In the next paragraph, we will see the turmoil Macbeth is facing after his wife has convinced him to kill Duncan. It seems, that just before he goes to kill Duncan, he starts to get delusional. This means, that he starts to see things that aren't there. Illusions are crested by his mind. This shows the turmoil in his mind. Thought of him doing the deed has resulted in illusions. The image created here is in the form of a dagger. "Is this a dagger which I see before me , the handle toward my hand? Come let me...............And on thy blade and dudgeons gouts of blood, which was not so before............Here it not, Duncan, for it is knell that summons thee to heaven, or to hell" This quote comes from Macbeth. ...read more.


Here, the child tells him not to be afraid of anyone since no one born of a woman's womb can kill him. "Be bloody, bold and resolute: laugh o scorn the power of man; for none of woman born Shall harm Macbeth. The third apparition is a child crowned with a tree in his hand. The third apparition tells him not to be afraid and don't care about much dangers since he won't be defeated until the wood of great Burnam come to Dunsinane hill. "Be lion-melted, prod, and take no care. Who chaffs, who freets, or where conspirers are: Macbeth shall neer Vanquished be until Great Burnam wood to high Dunsinane hill Shall come against him." These three apparitions have made him more secure and confident that he will never be beaten. But due to his curiosity, the witches showed him another apparition. A show of eight kings, the last with a glass in his hand; Banquo's ghost following. These were the descendents of Banquo and they are crowned King. We see how the witches' shave confused the matter to Macbeth. Through the way they speak (in riddles) they have made Macbeth think that he's invincible. This goes to show how evil can never be trusted and in the end, it can only end in tears. To conclude, the theme of the supernatural has brought the man inside Macbeth. The image Macbeth has created for himself in the beginning has been destroyed. He has turned from a brave, loyal soldier to a bloodthirsty, traitor, evil, treasonous tyrant. Through the witches, Macbeth has been able to become all that although many of the incidents he could've stopped. From the prophecies, he could have left it alone. Knowing that if he was to be a king, it will gradually come. If he didn't have to listen to his wife, Duncan would still be alive and none of the incidents would've occurred. The supernatural has been shown throughout the whole play and it is because of the supernatural, the play has become a famous tragedy. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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