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How does W.H.Auden create a sense of loss in funeral blues?

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How does W.H.Auden create a sense of loss in funeral blues? Funeral blues is a poem about a man who has recently lost his lover. The man meant the world to him: He was my North, my South, my East and West. He was what mattered in the mans direction. Through a well-structured poem with effective language that stimulates images we can see how W. H. Auden creates a sense of loss. The poem has four stanzas and in the first two stanzas we see how the lover wishes for everyone and everything to stop and grieve with him Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone. He wants time and communication to stop so he may grieve. He wishes that everything joyous should stop, even music: Silence the pianos. Even from the above quotation we can see that he wants communication to stop. He wants the piano t stop playing, a piano being an instrument, which communicates beautiful music. He has no joy in his life since the death of his lover and he desires that everyone should mourn: Bring out the coffin, let mourners come. ...read more.


The man compares the love of the man to massive things. "He was my...noon, my midnight, my talk, my song; This sentence arouses a feeling of loss as it shows that the deceased lover meant so much to the man, that he had become a part off everything in his life. Every normal day chore reminded him of his loss because without the man his world was crushed. We see another example off this loss in the following Quotation: He was my...working week and my Sunday rest Here, again, the man is stating that his lover was a part of his normal everyday life. In the fourth stanza we see how a sense of loss is created when the man wishes to almost pack up his emotions. The man uses massive objects to describe his loss: Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun From this we can tell that the mans lost is immense as he is using such enormous object to describe his emotions. He is acting like the objects he is using to describe are trivial. ...read more.


The following words being 'put everyone one out.' This sentence provokes a feeling of loss as the man wishes for the stars to be packed, as stars are often described as beautiful and mysterious it is almost like the man wishes for beauty to be packed up. Not only this but stars give us light and since the mans lover was the light in his life he wishes that all the stars should be packed up. The writer uses a rhyme scheme throughout the poem, which is very effective. It is effective as it made the poem flow smoothly, and this gave a greater sense of loss to the poem. This is because the sentences linked together and therefore all the different feelings of loss that the man described were combined together, giving the poem a more immense feel of loss. W.H.Auden throughout the poem uses different methods to convey loss. We see the mans wants for public respect and mourn in the first two stanzas. In the final two stanzas we see how the man describes his emotions through objects. W.H.Auden use effective rhyme, punctuality and language to convey a sense of loss in the poem and he does superbly. ...read more.

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