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How far do you believe that Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet is a pivotal scene in the play? Consider how this scene should be staged, including advise for the actress playing Juliet.

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How far do you believe that Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet is a pivotal scene in the play? Consider how this scene should be staged, including advise for the actress playing Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy, which was written about four hundred years ago by William Shakespeare. It was written in a time, which is very different from today. Back then it was common for teenage girls of fourteen (like Juliet) or even younger to get married. This was because it would be more likely for them to have children if they were younger and it would ensure that the girls were virgins when they got married. Romeo and Juliet was also written for the patriarchal society, which is a society that is based on the men of the family and the men were said to be the head of the household. I believe that Act 3 Scene 5 is a pivotal scene in the play because it is when the tension in the audience changes dramatically. This is because when Lady Capulet told Juliet that she would marry Juliet changed from the obedient girl that she had been before to a girl that does not do everything that her mother and father say she should. ...read more.


This is when the audience know what is coming next in the play and in this case the audience know that Romeo and Juliet will never see each other alive again. Also the scene is pivotal for Juliet because at the beginning of the scene Juliet is feeling in love with Romeo and she is happy that she is with him, but as the scene progresses Juliet starts to feel worse because she realises that she either has to marry a man that she does not love, or be thrown out of her own home and not acknowledged by her family. At the beginning of Act 3 Scene 5 there should be birdsong that the audience can hear. This is because the beginning of the scene is set in the morning so you should have birds singing to let the audience know this. Also Romeo and Juliet talk about the birds singing. "It was the nightingale, and not the lark". This line in the play would make no sense if there were no noise because the actors would be talking about something that was not there. Also something else that would let the audience know for sure that it was the morning is if the room gradually got lighter and the light would be shining in through Juliet's window so it would look like sunlight. ...read more.


At this point when Capulet puts Juliet down she needs to act scared of Capulet. Maybe she could hide behind pillows or Nurse. If she hid behind Nurse it would show how she trusts Nurse to protect her and look after her. When Capulet says "My fingers itch" his hand should be about to hit her but then a few inches away from her face he should stop. When Juliet is talking to Nurse after her mother and father have gone Nurse could be running Juliet a bath and Juliet sitting next to her and they should be physically close whilst she is doing this. This is to how comfortable they are with each other and how close they are. When Nurse says, "I think it best you married with the County" Juliet should stand up and show her physical distance from Nurse. Juliet's face should also be shocked because she hoped Nurse would stick up for her. Juliet feels betrayed. When delivering the lines "Well, thou hast comforted me marvellous much" Juliet could either say these in a sarcastic way because she feels betrayal from Nurse or she could say them sincerely because she is grateful for all the ways Nurse has helped her. ...read more.

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