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How Far Do You Think That Friar Lawrence Is Responsible For The Tragic Outcome Of The Play?

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How Far Do You Think That Friar Lawrence Is Responsible For The Tragic Outcome Of The Play? In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, there are different characters that contribute to the fate and feud in the tragedy of the 16th century, there are people who support the Montagues, and characters that support the Capulets. Romeo is a Montague and Juliet a Capulet but they fall in love which is said is fated and ends the feud between the families of Verona. There are also the characters who either want to end the hatred between the families and there are those who also want the feud to end but also do not want anything to do with it or get involved, like Friar Lawrence who is the father confessor of Romeo and Juliet. When we first meet Friar Lawrence he is picking herbs that have medicinal properties which are significant in the play because he describes an herb that can heal and wound which is a contrast that adds to the many in the play. The herb, once consumed, gives you all the appearances of death, all your senses stop working and your heart stops beating, fooling everyone. ...read more.


I think that considering that friar Lawrence is a holy man and connected to authority he faces many consequences if he is found binding two lovers without permission from their parent or guardian. However, he does this because he thinks that it will solve the family feud between the rival houses. When Romeo is banished, the friar is the one to tell him of the prince's sentence. Romeo is devastated because this will mean being separated from Juliet, therefore the friar comforts him by telling him that he will try to find a way to help. "I'll give thee armour to keep off that word" but when Juliet has taken the drug, the friar tries to take her parents out of grieving because he knows that she is not dead but appears to be. We feel that the friar is not being the holy man he should be. Firstly he encouraged Romeo and Juliet to get married, he then gave Juliet the drug that made her look dead, and now he is lying to the Capulets, therefore it is hard to trust Friar Lawrence at this point. ...read more.


The Friar is involved in these problems because he married the two star-crossed lovers, and he knew that Juliet was supposed to be engaged. The timing in the play counts as everything, the time span of the play is only about two to three days which proves that there is a lot of pressure on the characters, timing also plays a major part in the play, because friar Lawrence's letter does not reach Romeo in time, he sees that Juliet appears dead but that is only the effects of the drug. Another time issue is that Juliet wakes up after Romeo kills himself, which is another problem that causes both of the deaths. To conclude, I think that the Friar is not the soul cause of the tragic outcome in the play but he does contribute to the deaths of the two young lovers. However, he does this thinking that the outcome will be much better than the start of the play because he believes that the marriage between the two children will solve the feud, which it does but Romeo and Juliet end up dying to save others. ...read more.

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