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How I developed a particular interest in sport.

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How I developed a particular interest in sport. Monday the 17th of January 2000, 9.00am. Yes, I can remember the day frightfully well, Cross-Country. I hadn't done it before, but the thought of aimlessly running around in the penetrating cold with squelchy, wet through feet and being covered from head to toe in mud, left a lot to be desired. You may already have the impression I wasn't particularly looking forward to it, but I thought I would try to be slightly open minded about it. I tried not to listen to the rumours, but that was virtually out of the question; regardless of how hard I tried to avoid them I couldn't help hearing all the gory detail about just how awful this whole experience was going to be and in no time I was dreading it. The excuses were already rolling in; "I've forgotten my kit." "I've got a stomach ache." "I fell over my dog and twisted my ankle." The list was never ending and in the end half the year happened to be either away or 'incompetent of participating.' There was talk of hiding behind the tennis courts and joining in again on the second lap round, I'll admit it did sound inviting at that moment in time, but I thought I would prefer to even come last than cheat. ...read more.


I was asked to be a reserve, which was better than nothing and it meant I had a day of school; convenient as I happened to have a maths exam that day. Not only that but we were all going to be taken to MacDonald's after which was a definite bonus, so I tried to be optimistic about it. However, most of all I was looking forward to watching her struggle. I knew she wouldn't be able to cheat; there were marshals and officials everywhere, not to mention crowds of people that had gathered to watch. This was pay back time. The race soon began, as the reserve I got to hold drinks and clothes, which wasn't the greatest thing as all I wanted to do was join in and my passion for running then began to grow. She seemed surprisingly comfortable on the first small lap, but then it kicked it and she began to walk. She was desperately struggling and was now way behind. I know I probably shouldn't have, but I couldn't help but laugh, I think she got what she deserved and when she finally finished the race people weren't too happy with her. ...read more.


Needless to say I had a smile from ear to ear. The Devon trails were soon after the South Devon trials so there wasn't much time to train, but I did what I could. I travelled by couch to Bicton, East Devon, with the rest of the team, the scariest thing was not knowing anyone and the fact they all looked very professional and a lot older than me. The whole experience was amazing, and the fact I was just there representing South Devon was a great achievement. The course was very long and very hard. I finished in twenty sixth place, which even though doesn't sound great, I didn't feel was too bad out of at least a hundred competitors. Now I am currently in year ten and have found a balance between my school work and sport. I have an incredible passion for running and I'm still training hard. I hope this year to compete in the Devon trails again and come in the top fifteen and with a lot of hard work and determination I hope to do this. As the school work and coursework is piling up, not to mention revision, finding time to train isn't always easy, but when I do have some spare time I do what I can. ...read more.

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