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How I Would Direct Act 5 Scene 1 From Macbeth.

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How I Would Direct Act 5 Scene 1 From Macbeth Introduction If I were to direct a new version of Scene 1 of Act 5 in Macbeth I would make it a modernised version. The characters would wear modern clothes and live in modern surroundings and the story would have to be slightly altered to fit this modern setting. I think that I could still let the characters use archaic language as in the original Macbeth script. The scene would be less formal as it seems to be in the RSC version, it would be a lot more relaxed. I would try to make the scene more interesting for younger people and the target audience would be around 12-18. The film would not be a comedy or an action film it would be a tragedy film. To make the scene interesting for this audience I would have to change many parts of the scene like the camera angles, colours and costumes. Casting I would like Lady Macbeth to be a small person who seems defenceless but has a strong mind rather like Sarah Siddons who first played the part of Lady Macbeth in 1785. Lady Macbeth would be a very harsh person who deteriorates throughout the film and in this particular scene is very weak, defenceless and also very stressed. She would not be as old as the Lady Macbeth from the RSC version and would be a lot more like that of the Polanski version. ...read more.


After this the concerned Doctor would exit and the scene ends. Language And Performance I'm my scene Lady Macbeth would have a quiet tone of voice and would whisper some of her lines. She would not cry out as loud as in the RSC version as I think that it was a bit too exaggerated in that interpretation of the scene. The tone of her voice would be horrified and frightened and would be very alarming to watch. Her voice would be as if it was on the edge and she was about to snap and go completely mad. She needs to show fear aswell when she says "Hell is murky" because this is showing her fear of death and going to hell for what she has done. The Doctor in this scene would be calm on the outside but he would feel very shocked and he would be asking the Maid questions very quietly - almost whispering. The Maid's tone of voice would also be shocked and she would almost scream from seeing the distressed Lady Macbeth. She would look away and would seem to be suffering pain from Lady Macbeth's suffering. Her voice would show this. I think my version of this scene would be more emotional that the Polanski version but less emotional than the RSC version, it would be a balance between the two. ...read more.


The furniture would be very expensive and modern and the room would be quite light but would have red curtains which the sun would shine through making the whole room seem the colour of blood which would symbolise danger and insecurity. The bed would be a very ornate but modern four poster bed. The Macbeths would be a very upmarket family. This setting would be very different to the setting of the RSC version which seemed to be set on a stage with not much scenery. My version will be alike the Polanski version in that it would be in a proper film set. I would also have a good soundtrack that was one of the things (I think) was missing from both versions of the scene that we saw. The music would be included in the scenes to create more atmosphere but it would be good music that would add atmosphere without really being noticed. General Impression The general impression hopefully made from my scene would be that the audience feels sympathetic towards Lady Macbeth. They should be drawn in so that they end up feeling sorry for her when earlier on in the play they thought she was a deceitful and cold blooded person. It should show people that you can't hide murder - or at least she couldn't. I would also keep ideas of blood, sleep and water in the play as these devices add to the drama of the film. ...read more.

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