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How is a tense and mysterious atmosphere created in the opening chapter of Great Expectations?

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How is a tense and mysterious atmosphere created in the opening chapter of 'Great Expectations'? The story 'Great Expectations is written by Charles Dickens in Victorian times. It was published in episodes. This helped Dickens create suspense and sympathy for who is known as the main character i.e. Pip. Dickens deliberately sets out to create a frightening atmosphere at the beginning of his novel. As the novel was published in episode, each chapter ended in suspense to create awareness for the reader to make him have sympathy for Pip. ...read more.


Dickens, in his novel, uses some devices to get his message across. He uses, mostly, Pathetic fallacy to describe what the situation is like; also to describe the imagery. The main character in this chapter is Pip. He is the person on whom the chapter is focused on. The writer talks about him, focuses on him, in fact the whole chapter makes us have sympathy for Pip. Therefore, it is him on whom the story is based upon. Pip is not only the protagonist he is also the narrator of this whole novel. 'My father's family name being Pirrip and my... ...read more.


Whereas being a child is another thing. Children need to be looked after, loved at least 4 times a day and cared. If Pip doesn't get any of these then surely the audience will have a lot of sympathy for this little poor kid. Pip has lost everything and now he only lives with her sister. He got no parents to love, no brothers to play with, no friends, and graveyard is the place in his world of comfort, because that's where his family is. 'Georgiana... Alexander, Bartholomew, Abraham, Tobias, and Roger... were also dead and buried.' ...read more.

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